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Big Sean lyrics : "Bullshittin"

this beat got all these
girls bodies movin
my fans run up and

they askin what you doin//
i said luda's my favorite rapper
homies looney toonin'//

so im disturbin' the peace
im just big bada boomin//

im coastin on my bull%#@!
like my name was d-rose//
im spittin that fire , thatll give

ya $$# a heat-stroke//
i got rappers bull%#@!tin
in need of some clean clothes//

Couldnt get up on my level
even if with some cheat codes//

Im givin yall lessons
on how to kill it casually//
its a war of words and these

lames be the casualties//
aint no auto-pilot flow
you gotta do it manually//

schoolin all of these lames
like i was part of the faculty//

Yall jump on tracks
and talk bout ya cash swag//
i was born a trendin topic

birthmarks a hashtag//
you never go hard so everybody
knows you cant shag//

and i be blowin up like
them bombs over baghdad//

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