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Big Sean lyrics : "Beware (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko"

[Hook: Big Sean and Jhene Aiko]
When you said it was over, you shot right through my heart
Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart

Ooh, I was so mad, I should've seen this coming right from the start
You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Praying to a sky all black
Looking at the stars like they finna talk back

Looking at my phone like she finna call back
But last night I feel like probably ended all that
Cause by now she woulda sent a text in all caps

Then another one tryna take it all back
Saying $#&@ you, I miss you or I hate you so much
Cause girls only say "hate you" to the guys that they love

I know, I know, I know
The highs, the lows it comes and goes
You say "be real" I try, I don't

Cause you take anything and just make it everything
Kept my phone on silent ever since you got a ring (Funny, right?)
And I never cheated (I mean, maybe once, twice)

One time don't change everything
She ask why I don't feel the same, I'm still the same
She's still insane and now she's saying


[Interlude: Big Sean]
Okay, skeet, smoke, sleep, call, miss, text, woke, spoke
Lie, feel, Lisa ew, time, kill, months, still

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
I got somebody baby mama calling me daddy

I drank too much, please call me a cabby
Penthouse after party hoes want that addy
$#&@ they can ride with us, crawl in a Caddy

Third row is when you call, I hit cancel
Really? I hit answer, $#&@ I hate when that happens
Phone in my pocket for the whole night

And you heard (*##$es screaming 'til my phone dies
Then she text me like "Why you still talk to my mama?"
How the $#&@ you run around with condoms?

Why you make me get this tattoo?
Man, $#&@ this tattoo you the reason I wasn't single in college
What? All because I had you, ^!$$% I dont even have you

How am I suppose to get past you?
And she called the next guy spillin' some real %#@!
Now they problems he got to deal with


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Girl, don't believe them hoes
Cause they don't wanna see us together

And you already know you're too fly
But baby, don't get your hair caught in the propellers
I be tryna tell her these hoes is jealous

You know they never like it when you never say never
Long hair, red bone, but her #~!!@ is hairless
Muah, I french kiss it like we in Paris

I be screaming out, "ain't no woman like the one I got"
But she be always worrying about the one I $#&@ed
She said it's gonna be me, myself and I

Damn, that would make me the one I $#&@
Sch, I was so mad
Damn, you used to ride a ^!$$% like a moped pad sch--

But players $#&@ up, my bad
And just to keep from crying, I laughed


[Outro: Jhene Aiko]

Baby, last time calling me baby
Last time calling me crazy, crazy, crazy

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