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Big Sean lyrics : "All Figured Out"

Finally Famous in this..

[Verse 1]
It's crazy how they think you got it all figured out
Just because your bank account gets all figured out

Next time somebody try and tell you how to run your %#@!
And they ain't major %#@!
Do yourself a favor: kick 'em out.

Eat good and do that, you'll live a long life
I always say long days is better than long nights
At least in the day you've got shade

In the night its all shadows, don't get caught at wrong lights
I wish somebody would have told B.I.G. that before March ninth
I used to think there's no such things as wrong rights

'Till my stepbrother brought home them extra groceries
Extra cheese, now mom could make her special recipe
But I didn't know it was off of infested streets

Now he the reason I've got to walk with my little niece to go eat
I guess that's the hunger that got me out
At the top of hotel suites renting the lobbys out, you know?

Stuntin' like a (*##$, prime night me out
And the girl I've wanted since ninth grade trying to route
That was back when I was seventeen

It's crazy though, cause even then I thought I had it all figured out



[Verse 2]

It's crazy how much that you can see with your eyes closed
'Specially if you've got a vision
Or how you could have everything

And still think about everything missing
Like I probably remember the times I missed out on
More than the ones I lived

I probably remember the girls that I ain't have
More than the ones I did
But I remain a two timing, one girl on the way

Two lyin and one bed-never too tired
Smoke so much I need two lighters
Shoppin overseas I do buy it, who higher?

They taught me that I had to dream, black history month
I wake up and treat the day like stack history month
I'm talkin' Malcolm Flex, Jessie Rackson

Front of the plane: I'm Rozay Parks
SUV swervin like it's O.J.'s car, oh
To me and my dogs is all gettin out

Somewhere in the club probably all liquored out
Finna take extra shots for my dogs missin' out
That keep remindin' me at the same time

That I still ain't got it all figured out
Fact, the only thing I really figured out
Is that I'll never have it all figured out, $#&@.

Even when your bank account is all figured out
Even when your bank account gets all figured out
Even when your best friend gets all trickered out

Even when it.. all of it... when you still ain't got....


Today I woke up and realized every day gets shorter
Every minute turns into the longest second, yet never ending
Age is nothing but a reminder and it doesn't tell you

How old or young minded someone is
Cause we all started at the same starting point of a woman's legs
But each have our own finish line

Understand it never ends, and the only way to be immortalized
Is to be remembered, hopefully from right to wrong
Better to be in the hall of fame than shame

Whether it exists for what you do or not
We create this world so we make what exists
It isn't about the award, it's about the award of being immortalized

And remembered for all the right reasons
Mistakes are forgotten, no footprints of any missteps
So when it's so late that it's early

And you need a drink even though the bar's closed
Remember why you do what you do
For the coldest drinks, the fastest cars, luxury
The adrenaline rush of creating what you think about
With who thinks about you:

Your family, your team
The joy of looking back and saying that you did it
Winning the game: "Hall of Fame"

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