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Big Sean lyrics : "1st Quarter (Freestyle)"

You gon' have to kill me for me to stop gettin' it, feel me?
Straight up

Finally famous, ^!$$%
Paper chasers, G.O.O.D

My girl the baddest, too, G.O.O.D
I'mma just keep countin'
I look up



I always got a grip, I never slip, I never panic
Got my Rolex at Pacific, while I fly through the Atlantic
And just like a know-it-all, I always got the upper hand

And if I listen to you bi**hes I would still be on the campus
But instead I'm in The Standard, with a girl who got some standards
Gettin' head in the Jacuzzi and she claim she from Los Angeles

But she ain't come up for air one time, I swear she from Atlantis

[Verse 1]

It's so f**kin' hard to have manners since I bought a manor
I never take off, I just take off her panties
To partially nominated, yeah, yeah ^!$$% you know me

Hop on a song and kill with ^!$$%s, who just won all the trophies
(*##$ I ain't playin' no more like D. Rose or Kobe, it's Kobe the beef and it's shrimp ravioli
Sean Don, you know me, my cash homophobic, I swear it's so straight

Then I double it up like I cloned it!
My homie called me like "Sean Don, look
You know I got a girl, like you, so you know this one's off the books

But could you hook me up with Ariana Grande?"
Seems like ^!$$%s just call me for the hook-up or to get up off the hook
I'm back in this bi**h like I'm parallel parkin' (swerve swerve)

Get hit with that 18, what's that? (*##$ it's two 9's, that's parallel sparkin'
I look up to the stars and God damnit I swear I can hear them %#@!s talkin'
See you dated stars but to me they a target

She said that I'm fine and I say that I'm gorgeous
I'm livin' so lawless, I promise
We just landed, Bora Bora

Champagne, I pour, I pour
Model girls, old Kimora
$#&@ more or less, it's more or more

I'm stackin' paper, safe to say drawer to drawer, bank to bank, floor to floor
Touch a dollar and them killas be door to door to door to door to door to door
Face to face, Hennessy, case to case

Day to day, I paper chase, amazin' grace
I've been plottin' since '86, and I was born in '88
So what the f**k that make me?

A young visionary
My secretary finna be a millionare
Imma call her military

Finally Famous militarian, I rep that, that
'Till I hit the cemetary
And I'm way too skinny for jail, ho

So I gotta stay rich enough just for the bail, ho
I'm collectin' this change like I live in a well
Heaven on Earth, I could get it through Hell

(*##$, we did it and did it ourselves
So now I'm presidential, my life, presidential, my wife
Presidential, the lake, presidential estates

Like my homie Tone said, I could talk about my watch all day
But that's a f**kin' presidential debate
Man shout out to SAYITAINTTONE and Jay John

A-Dub the God, Early Mac, Danny Brown
Trick, Eminem, Royce Team
East Side, K-Dizzle

Dusty Row Spit and the rest of them ^!$$%s
'Till we come together, we all ain't gon' get it
We run the city!

Man, free my dog Juan, man, straight up

Lot of %#@! been on my mind lately, feel me?

[Verse 2]

My homie talked to me like "Man why you look the way you lookin'?
How you feel the way you feel
When you got every architect in town
Man, tryna sit and build
You got every girl that's in Detroit that's hot tryna come chill

Cause I just lost my ^!$$% Doe B and a f**kin' Uncle Phil
^!$$%, Ye layed the Blueprint
So I need hundred dollar bills, new print
Hangin' from my family tree, I'm a nuisance, millionaire
$#&@ your two cents, you ain't do %#@!

I'm a player, baby, I be wearin' zoo print
Lightin' struck like Zeus sent
Sometimes, to see the bigger picture, man you gotta zoom in
Sean cold, bi**h where you been?
Motherf**ka, I've been great

This for the fans that say they love the album but they f**kin' love the mixtapes
For y'all, man I do whatever it takes
Don't worry


Finally famous
You little f**kin' bi**h
And all that I just did, all my old %#@!, that's practice
So from here on out it's murder, ^!$$%

Oh that's who you excited, oh that's the new ^!$$%?
He's alright
You ain't f**kin' with me!
Waddup Key Wane!
As the dynasty grows, sunshine's all we know
Detroit, G.O.O.D
Waddup La Flame, the homie Travi$ Scott

Killin' y'all
My girl the baddest, my drinks the coldest
My team the realest, the trillest
Finally Famous over everything

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