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[Intro: Big Sean]
Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it
I look up, I say I think it's time to kill it

[Verse 1 : Big Sean]
(*##$ I'm sexy as $#&@, you ain't even gotta tell me
I ride around 2Pac, I $#&@ my girl to R. Kelly

I tell her make me a sandwich, no PB & Jelly
She look back like [email protected]%&, what you think this? A deli??
I'm screaming ?Hell yeah trick, Hell yeah ho?

That %#@! make her love me more, and she know I love her too
She know I been to hell and through, I need what Reverends do
Power of the revenue got me a 2 to 10 a 10 to 2

I gotta shine boy I be a star, on fire that's a meteor
So I'm either or on TV with a Rita Ora set your DVR
Stacking money face to face what that mean CPR

Everyday the day date, gangbang major pain
D Town I ride around me and my dog like Charlie Brown
Just trying to get that white money you know, countin' K-K-K's

On a day to day base, then vacay for eight days
You know mutha$#&@ taking a vacation
Put palm trees up in my house and have a stay-cation

Getting paid while I'm chilling that's a paid-cation
Full glass of champagne, Oh no, you can't taste it

I seen cars (switch up)
Seen Hoes (switch up)
Seen Money all switch up

When the days get dimmer
Who gone leave you there and who gon leave with ya
This is for the ones that's always riding with ya ain't switched

I ain't switched up naw naw I ain't switched up
Same me naw naw I ain't
Switched up

Same team naw naw I ain't switched up
I think it's time to kill it
[Bridge 1]

Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it (x3)
I said I think its time to kill it
[Verse 2 : Common]

Bought a Cadillac, now I'm Cadillac Com
She ride alright, when I'm riding right, Put Cadillac on that lawn
Might even let her meet Ye, might even let her meet Sean

Might even let her meet Push, she never meet my Mom
Chi Town is my town, I ride around like I'm lying down
Southside my eyes down, I'm the %#@! y'all fly around(Oww)

I'm in my mode today, sayin what the $#&@ I'm 'posed to say
Moving making money, got them trashbags back
Smoke Chibahs with leaders, #[email protected] sweet and I'll eat her

Got strippers and Divas, Plus some Cougars and Cheetahs
Oh you with GOOD, put me on like Benita
I said ease up, ease up, ease up

Ain't anybody $#&@ing with my clique
And all these bad (*##$es man, they want the
[Verse 3 : Big Sean]

All I care is my crew, my family and women
Except these women that's hoing, and these hoes that be stealing
Trying to get them a cut, that's how you end up with stitches

I tell a (*##$ quit playing, and play a position
Either move or be devoured, $#&@ a coward
I be fresher than these mother$#&@ers from head to toe

If I rocked Eddie Bauer, but I don't
Aura Gold, everything I do I do it overboard Michael Phelps splash,
Smile for the Polaroid, self-employed

Now you shelf employed, D-Boy
Never sold, but I still got more lines than corduroy
And I'm with the same crew til I'm an old man

Cause there no such thing as new old friends
[Bridge: Big Sean]

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