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BIG SCARY : Gem in the Granite lyrics

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BIG SCARY lyrics : "Gem in the Granite"

Somehow in all this space and time
Like atoms we collided
Like atoms we divided

You sent me spinning though the air

You read your books

I read your lips
Gem in the granite
You were from another planet

Rule unto yourself

You're just too good at playing games
With your arms wrapped around me
Your words that confound me

Ladada, ladada, ladada, ladada

And then you let me go

You'll never know how far I'll go
How far with you

You left my house but not my head
You're in there baking brownies

Poking round where you shouldn't be
You're now a shadow on the wall

A whisper in the breeze
A rustle in the trees
Another sleepless night

Another empty cup of tea

But I never let it show

And I never let you know
And I'll be $#&@ed if I ever do

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