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BIG POKEY : Y.s.p. lyrics

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BIG POKEY lyrics : "Y.s.p."

Breaking bricks of cocaine...


Y.S.P. we a team, Southside connected
Wolverines on the rise, and we well respected
Mob Style protected, infested with game

(Breaking bricks of cocaine), and ain't a damn thang changed

[Mr. Sweets]

We some wolverines, with guilotines chopping the scene
With diamond rings, and living like kings
Putting clips in spleens, on some of the funk that I bring

Brain tumors and body wounds, from AR-15's
^!$$%z scream, as soon as I heat em with the beam
We can go head up cause I'm fed up, and we might just triple team

I ain't playing with ya, cause when I get ya I'ma split ya
Pay attention and get the picture, them hollow tips can hit ya
Bit ya, I hope they got a body bag to fit ya

If not, I'm hitting the back streets to get ya
$#&@ it, I'm back in my bucket and headed home
Shagging $$# in my zone, on the streets of Yellowstone

That's my turf that's my hood, it's understood
Tossing it up, whether I know that it's all good
I wish you would, buy a vest for them ^!$$%z

(Too late Mr. Sweets, buy a chest for them ^!$$%z)

[Hook - 2x]

[Chris Ward]
Y.S.P. we a team, packing a beam
Living a dream, everytime I plot I gotta scheme

Getting my cream, me and my six figga ^!$$% team
Down to do some dirt, it's time to be redeemed
Step out on the streets clean, mugs on mean

I'm a million dollar machine, operating for green
Wolverines on the rise, Mob Style and organized
Known for whipping, and flipping cakes and pies

Recognize, a Yellowstone game spitting ^!$$%
Baked up, bricks of cocaine splitting ^!$$%
Hard hitting, hater $$#assinator

(*##$ ^!$$%, exterminating terminator
Loaded @@#! glocked, with a candy red dot
Busting at any ^!$$%, that wanna get shot

Sixteen to the body, and one to the brain
Breaking bricks of cocaine, (and ain't a damn thang changed)

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]

These ^!$$%z better watch they sweater, cause they call me the chest wetter
Designated ditch digger, with a loaded baretta
Young trend setter, pailing bushes of G's

On my Q's and my P's, 3-60 degrees
Mash with ease, flipping up cassettes and c.d.'s
Trees blown like a breeze, while surrounded with G's

Moving ki's, what you expected we on feet
Mob Style protected, and we slicker than sleet
Release and relief, cause cheaters they get hit with the heat

From your dome to your seat, rapid fire repeat
Game consistent, wrist wear water resistant
Keep a distance from (*##$ ^!$$%z, cause they flyer than pigeons

Causing collisions, head on in this Southern division
On contracts I discuss, and cause body incisions
Nationality is a fact, that punk %#@! don't flatter me

Stay strapped 'fore I snap, perform a fatality we on the rise

[Hook - 3x]

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