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BIG POKEY : Dog Proof lyrics

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BIG POKEY lyrics : "Dog Proof"

Drug trafficking, cocaine manufacturing
Columbian kingpin, subtracting and steady gattling
Capture and kill, taking over poppi fields

Cocaine cowboy, kept it raw clocking mills
Popping steel through the shields, like a shotgun blast
Up and down the Interstate, overloading the stash

Blow like gas, for my paper I'ma mash
We rolling in cash, Federalies on my $$#
Pass me the mask, and burglarize your residence

Salute to my troops, to execute all the evidence
My excellence, and cheap prices keep em coming
Dope running money laundering, no need to be wondering

Through lightening and thundering, we gotta get this dope sold
Stomping and pumping, plus dumping it by the boatload
This game cold, with the blocks compressed in a casket

I heard you packed it wrapped it in plastic, it's getting drastic

[Hook - 2x]

Fo' drugs we packed it, dog proof cause we wrap it
Dirty vault can't get caught, fin to stay drug traffic
Now you have it, the measures is drastic we balling

Motorized stash spot, for the blocks that we hauling
[Big Pokey]
You ^!$$%z talk that talk, but can't walk the talk

From fifty packs to a vault, time to mash this clout
See I'm in and out, making boys a believer
Hit like Hurricane Alisha, giving the block a seizure

Motorized stash spot, in the fo' do' Honda
And this (*##$ named Kiana, she's a thoed dope runner
It's coming in from Columbia, fo' the dons of location

Beyonce's and Filipian, come Korean and Asian
Fabricators exatturators, add hippocrites to the game
Cross the Chevis Entertain, catch a clip to the brain

Cocaine passed compressed up, getting imported by boat
Peep the words I'm fin's to quote, I bled the block till it broke

Made way with occasions, swallow by like raisins
Clear triggas for these ^!$$%z, and figure em out like equations
Mashing back to my spot, cause my spot be jumping

Bleed the block blow the glock, while I'm grinding and pumping
Pumping and grinding, and avoiding the laws
I hop the gate from my draws, hold the rocks in my jaws

Calling shots hauling dots, that's the way that I live
CEO Executive, putting some'ing in y'all ear

[Hook - 2x]


I got to scale the dope, by the pound
I got some ^!$$%z that wanna sco', they from out of town
The ki' cooker, got me a burban C hooker

I floss in the Benz on Lorenz, and we took her
Now baby can you make mo' runs, than Mark McGwire
Or can you make more funds, than Gomer Pile

I need (*##$es for hire, six ki's in the tire
They'll never catch me with my funds, cause it's all on the wire
Or in a net to my house, two hundred G's in my vault

From state to state Texas plate, I hope that (*##$ don't get caught
I ain't taking no loss, I can't get caught in the cross
And ghetto dreams I'm on they team, and I'm loving the floss

From counting pennies to plenty, many big face twenties
We gon ball till we fall, mix the Henny and Remmy
Blowing blunts with the cuzin, I'm riding dirty like Dozen

The fast cash I'm loving, can't get caught drug smuggling

[Hook - 2x]

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