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BIG NOYD : We Live This lyrics

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BIG NOYD lyrics : "We Live This"

Ready for war, Ready for anything
But Doing this for everything

Y'all [email protected][email protected] Know my pedegree
Fourty first side, blood run through my veins
Got everything in game

Like to stock and change
Got shorti in the hood on the ankle rockin my name
Words that I spit, it's my brain and pipe game

Call me your natural right ring
Qb's radaiclas, just doing his thing
Aiyo, ^!$$%s hate it

Even though they try to protray it
This money looking good, $#&@ it you can all hate it
Like I'm going to lose sleep, hold life, have beef

So you can say what you think about me
Yo you ^!$$%s like Nas and gun fight your dead roon
Pull out the nine and still got hooked on

Your no frill skim
And on skill team
Got you in a combma

Angel of your shoulder


Aiyo we live this eat, sleep, %#@! this [x7]
We live this, live this, this...

[Big Noyd]
Aiyo, Aiyo, Aiyo
It's alyways Going to be ganster with me

^!$$%, with Tim's on my feet
Either sweats or denim jeans, brand new white tee
With my chain swinging; I'm thugged in the streets

Think Noyd you think hustling busting the heat
Repping Qb borrows surronded with thugs
Who carry [email protected]%!e, crack, bud and they got guns

Who want from slums to homes; Trains to the V's
The ^!$$%s you see in the hood with the G's
Where gangstas be and the pistols pop

You rub on the mama thighs they panties drop
This %#@! get you hot
We I'll you not

You sick beacuse you love the way we rock
Crusing in the Nav with a dime or not
Jumping out the Nav copping cheese but eye up the spot

You know my two heaters is hot
Fending for springing
And that goes out to those skimming and laying


[Roxanne Shante]
Who you know have guity fo's and a dime $$# kooci
Now thugging and recovering, rocking guns and gucci

85' getting paid while them gangsters watch
Champiagn pop benzes candy painted drop((*##$)
Roxanne Shante Hilary Clinton

Lay out the red carpet y'all hoes shut up and listen
Mouth close whenever you hear a veteran spittin
Y'all hoes only shine with the legends permisson

(*##$es ask around why she wait to spit this long
You know the queen who came out with the first hit song
I showed hoes how to rock furs

Glocks in my skirts
Dated real killers when they feel I cop them a bird
Aint nothing

Aint fronting
Shantie love where she lives
Mother of my two kids

And the mother of the rich
Tried to make plans, ran the game and the biz
Still real popping up with nas up at the bridge

No silcone, No wigs, No liposuchion
First (*##$ riding back sike not fronting
I respect new females give all y'all credit

Supporting your videos bought all y'all records
No matter how you get down you sexual prefence
Just keep this %#@! real or that vet going to set it
Queensbrigde projects we murder the rest
And all my gangers know I rock the best


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