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BIG NARSTIE : Warm Up Session lyrics

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BIG NARSTIE lyrics : "Warm Up Session"

Hello hi Hello hi?.
GAS burst the pipe next ting bursting a nine
Big smile on my face when I blow mans head out the ride

Scraping the plates on q's and 8ths
This job is a $#&@ing 9-5
But if food is is peng its Peng Live Gas

$#&@ that $#&@ing burst the pipe
Iva always been gassed
Gonna be gas

Shut up gas
He's on gas
She's on gas

British Gas
Burst it gas

Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas
Burst the pipe
I was on 100

$#&@ that now I'm on a 1000
Burst my ting like malcolm
Pain mixtape

Pain album
Pain tshirt pain hat
Pain bedsheets how about that

I talk pain till it goes to the bank
Pain everybody got a mat

Ill start ringing of bells
Ill start ringing off shells

Ill start flipping on girls

Man aint wishing me well
Sell food buck sales

All day living In hell
Rage Rage Rage Rage

Walk in the club like I'm owning the place YES you know my face

Know the wave
No joking its not a bro ting
Every rave that I go to fam I blaze

Me and my big spliff
Got no time for a wim when everybody knows I'm Rage
Burst my pipe

Y yea yea yea yea
Go mad
Yea yea yea yea yea

Violate na na na na na
Die straight
Ye yea yea yea yea

They wondered why this fat boys on a hundred thou
Burst the pipe $#&@ that %#@! ill go mad right now
I'm on amillion $#&@ that man can't hold me down

Come to deep end real %#@! man better know they'll drown
No joke no crusty the clown
45 trey 8 got the pound

I aint talking grade when I tell man straight you'll get burst with the pound
This girls a Bizzle
Oi lethal 0-12 POW

Flip this straight to a next ting UH

Man better know I'm the best in UH
Got no time for the rest in UH
Ill clothesline man like I'm wrestling UH

N double A I'm coming in UH
Talk up man can't hear man UH
Everybody knows that I'm fully on gas

Its a next one this ones UH
Hold tight Jamal UH
Hold tight my team like UH

N double A L coming in like UH
Talk up man can't hear me UH UH
Pain is the wave UH
I said $#&@ing pain is the wave

Problem child or a child with a problem
Mum said coulda wore a condom
Think outa this world I'm a martian heart of a spartan

Team what I rep proceeds on a set my team is blue
Mac ten hanging out the whip get gassed I will sneeze At YOU
Bird call
Life what I lives like a whirlpool

Everybody said I'm well but I'm not well too
Your cold I'm hot melt you
Got a big ting whole lot of shell food
45 when the bullets say get well soon
Hit mans body like a car crash vrooom

Your not piff their hardache
Their %#@! $$# crack
Shootouts dead
Location Location Location
Fam and preparation
Without a plan see you plan to fail

Or you just plan for jail
Sometimes its chance its heads or tails
Aim for his back fam ill probably get his head
Aim for his legs ill probably hit his back
Cos when the gun kick it rises
Had a lot of beef but mines is deep real %#@! you have had nothing like this
Semiautomatic on your ends its crisis

No ones going home umm umm
Were going night shift
These $#&@ing [email protected]$)gots they're weasels and they're spineless
Watch is 60 bags but your brain fam priceless
Man want things that money can't buy then man get a bullet in the eye
N double A L man I'm on a hype
Blue gang blue gang man I'm on a hype

Man its the cartel and I got a while heap of vibes for the road to a kitchen
Shanks borers man get poked up
Whole heap of knives
Gassed up because of the hype
Wilout boy cos I get gassed!!

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