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BIG MOE : When I lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "When I"

[Chorus - 2x]
When I, pull out the drop, the sun is hot
And you know I'm feeling hot and I

I'm gone, do what I got to do
Stay true and I'm gone bang my screw

[Big Moe]
When I woke up I was in another mood
Freshened up, looked up thanking god that's who

Then I, I make my moves on the low
And everything looking lovely, everybody want to know
And I, po po's all in my face

Say I'm done hitting licks, I'm rapping to get rich
And I, I don't think it's ever gonna stop
Cause I'ma get some hot stuff, and like me dropping the top

[Chorus - 2x]

[Big Moe]
Big Moe baby and everybody be listening
Except when I'm coming down top gone, you get with us

And I, I be doing what I want to do
When I pops up at my home, and the finest on my crew
And I, I wear more ice than you

How I keep it so fly on my feet, when my toes hit the street
Now I'm, sitting in a large man car
Chopping up the deuce cause I'm a ghetto star

[Chorus - 1x]

[Big Moe]
Said we, bang screw, do what we got to do
Stay true, come down chopping in, something new

We so fly-y-y
And, Mo-yo my gal have low, cause we, time slow
Everybody know that I'm, oh no

I'm on some purple stuuuf


I huffed, I puffed, I blowed the dro down
Watch shoes do the who with spectacular sound
That'll make you look around

School of Hard Knocks to the socks
Fresh out the parks, that's known for hot blocks
Cause players get changed so I focused

Affiliated with the game, sitting inches from the ground, now I'm holding
Rolling, want up in the lane
How I come from nothing to going back with change

Pitching the game, knowing that I got another chance
To be, fronting on dubs, stretched shirt down pants
Now I alert y'all to the dance floor, I clap hands

Doing what I want in my 64 with people saying

[Chorus - 3x]

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