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BIG MOE : Thug Thang lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Thug Thang"

[Chorus: D-Reck & (1st Lady) x2]
Let me see your hands raise, if you playa made
Let the Screw bang, go on and do your thug thang

(We can do it like this, we can do it like that
You can hit it from the front) or I could hit it from the back

[Dirty $]
Gotti we gone slide down swang wide (aiight)
We gone ride gray or peanut butter buck eyed

Then we gone tip toe, so slow
We gone wreck the slab for the dirty third coast
Hell we gone post up, on the lot

Fifth drop screens lit, trunk pop
Stash spot, cash box, on vogue socks
Old shoes chrome laces giving haters blues

Banging what Screw, tell me what it do
Shocking and rocking club and the thug and staying true

I'ma do my thug thang, bang bang, chitty chitty chop
With the stash unlocked, trunks staying hot

HA, green sticky la, deep in the shop
Cardiay kicking times
It's a party baby bounce, bounce sugar hit the flo'

I'm on the cool up in the fo', in the newest Gucci clothes
Bout to drop it to the door, baguettes touching my navel
Body rocking kinda [email protected]#%ty, served out like ?label?

[Dirty $]
We got, a stable full of pop

That dish the satellite and throw cable at the spot

[Dirty $]
Up on the table if it's able to get wet like a mop

And after we wreck the spot we can just ride

[Chorus - x2]

[Big Pokey]
I'ma do it like this, I'ma do it like that
I can hit it from the front (or I could hit it from the back)

I'ma put it in your crack, see how you act
If you like it on your knees, you could have it for a snack
I'm a fat mack, in a handy bag with a snub with em

Broads like the way the fat mack do his thug thizzel
When I hit em with my love then I got em

[Big Moe]
I'ma hit it from the top, I'ma put it in a bottle
I'ma hit it from the back, the big black Casanova

I'ma put it in your head and I'ma set it on your shoulders
Syrup in the soda, talking bout the Barre
Foreigner car, feeling like a fallen star

Bout the menage 'tois ain't that what that Pokey said
Never been scared, Southside'll leave you dead
And call me Big Meaty, call me Big Meaty

don't come into my room if you ain't gone get freaky
Working on his boys, run through em like a tractor
Out the Southside, Moe-Yo make the god damn adapter

I ain't even quit, I'm doing mighty fast
Sitting on glass, Moe-Yo showing my naked $$#
It's the Moe-Yo freestyle I'm so throwed

Southside playa putting it down, cho-cho
Playas get chosen, like M-O-E
Put it in your middle yes the big body

Riding big tractor, I'm a money stacker
Out the Southside Moe-Yo I'm kinda actor
Act a damn fool, on this damn tape

Like Po-Yo said got them hoes screaming RAPE!!!

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