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BIG MOE : Shorty lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Shorty"

(feat. A3, Mafia Mike, Noke D, Tyte Eyez)


Hey girl, what's up, you know
I been checking you out right, what
You can't tell, check this out then

This what I wanna tell you right here

[Hook: A3 & Noke D]

Hey there shorty, can I get with you
Because we came here to party, and do what playas do
I've been peeping you all night, your booty's feeling right

I ain't trying to be your man, cause a playa's down to understand

[Mafia Mike]

Baby I been peeping you, for a real hot second
I know you got a man, and I trying to disrespect him
But check it, I get the message when you tell me that you need him

But baby, I ain't trying to change your lifestyle either
Your people steady telling you, to leave dude alone
But it's hard, you just pictured a new car and a home

A new phone to talk on, when you ride down the street
Your hair stay fixed, manicures smelling sweet
To me, all that beauty poo I know that you sick

It's the small things that count, and that's what you miss
I came back to get a kiss, and to tell you good night
And to really show you, that's it's gon be iight

Kinda like Prada hot, to set the mood straight
Baby I'm your cow, gon taking you away
Ok, go on ahead and lay your head on my chest

I know that's what you want, that mean you through with all the stress
I confess


[Big Moe]

Shorty I've been watching you
Can you be my baby boo
We can bang Screw, all night

Floss in my Navigator, on chrome
Let me show you around my hood
Where the block stay hot, and it's all good

I'ma flip it, like a real playa should
I can't explain, what's understood
Understand, you can't be my wife

Cause I'm still young, trying to live my life
See things, that I ain't seen
I'm on a mission, trying to live my dream

We can chill, anywhere today
If it's real then it's real, baby girl why wait
My partna needs me, I ain't got time to play

I'll do anything you want, just say


[Tyte Eyez]
Peep game, I ain't the one to jump fly

But since I stepped through the do', you been giving me the eye
I'm trying to figure out why, a girl so thoed
Wanna mess with a ^!$$%, that'll dig in her soul

I'm in control, let's keep it on the low
Watching your g-string, move across the dance flo'
While Moe over fo', screwed up moving slow

Only pulling bad hoes, that's down for losing clothes
I suppose, one I get up in your mind
Two, lay down then get up in your spine

Three, that's me a bonefied G
I smash and then free, that's the taste of a ski I-P
R-O miss, to lace your bubble bath, in Don P and Cris

Watch us made that switch, but I'm far from a trick
I just like to make your wish, to live like this cause I'ma playa

[Hook - x2]

Shorty, shorty, shorty, oh yeah

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