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BIG MOE : Ride With Us lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Ride With Us"

(feat. D-Reck, Tyte Eyez, D-Gotti, Dirty $)

[girl singing in Spanish]

[Hook - x2]
(why), do y'all think they call us Wreckshop

(when), we mash 24/7 round the clock
(what), the difference between y'all and us
Who else to trust but us, streets come and ride with us

It's still in the safe, I'm trying to pick the lock

If the music game is a dame, I'm trying to hit the G-spot
They say bigger mean better, I say good dick make it wetter
Why you spitting nothing address her, we wreck spitting for cheddar

If the Shop fall off, that'll be the end of the South
It's up to Reck connect the dots, where Lil' J left off
I done studied the best, I done passed the test

Now grandma masking my medal, 'fore I settle for less
I'm Texas raised ^!$$%, with Texas ways ^!$$%
In the Lone Star State, we stay paid ^!$$%

Whether yay or whether hay, or the fly %#@! I say
You lil' dudes gon lose, or move the $#&@ out the way
It's the rap game, (man these ^!$$%z done turned this %#@! into the cap game)

Let's treat these ^!$$%z like (*##$es, and leave em slapped mayn
I don't talk it I Iive it, I post up and I pimp it
I don't boast, just get it

[Hook - x2]

[Tyte Eyez]
$#&@ the mainstream, and your lame fee
(*##$ I'm in these streets knee deep, digging in your main queen

And I know she cut for me, cause she be ironing my dickies
And when I fall asleep, she be trying to give me hickeys
Man she love my dirty drawas, even wash my socks man

And be a tad bit nervous, when I hit the block man
Cause I rock a foot long, and baby that is much harder
Ask me how I know, because she drinks my bath water

Got's of order y'all a body bag, cause y'all ^!$$%z through
Don't ask me bout my flow, because my %#@!'s sick like the flu
I flew across the country, with that (*##$ from Argentina

Her name was Annie Mae, but then changed it to Tina
Like Ike, I do a dike too
SUV on dub three's, Cadillac and bike too

Man a night dude, some to a playas when the freaks come out
We in the game in the gym, with the bleachers out

[Hook - x2]


It's time to step on these hoes, rep on hoes
Baby mama like, how them ^!$$%z slept on those
Wreckshop pros, we done did it before

You main squeeze hit it before, as you should know
Bout me, Cocoa Shenelle with fresh odor sale
You got it fresh up out of jail, and he fetching his mail

Yeah I'm a dog, call me Rov' cause I'm in a Range
The 4 on side of me, cause 'fore the game it's pain
And the same damn thang, make you laugh make you cry

Last in line, always the first to show out
As I pour out some liquor, for my dogs that got swallowed
We them same damn cats, that you other ^!$$%z follow

'Fore I wallow in my misery, I'm go and get some trees
Before you talk down, better go and check my history
Seriously we hot, the block done been took

Jewels clothes and cars, did that come on hook


[Dirty $]
It's time to tighten up your belts, slap on your chest straps

Put your pads on the champs, home like the camp song
Pressing Wreckshop stamps on, like some need a tampons
Boys made a little noise, now ain't nothing happen-on

These kids capping on, the foundation that we lay
Without showing the respect, for the moves that we made
Our dues been paid, paid in full
We sucka free over here, yeah the Shop got pull
And we've been outlaws, since we stepped in the do'

Boss hogging everything, from ceiling to flo'
The first major independent, sold a million of Moe
Before Moe even got a deal, how quickly y'all forget though
But that's ok, we gon put it in your face
My pack back on track, in position to win the race

Call this a skeet taste, the fam got mo' in sto'
And since y'all on y'all way out, allow me to show you the do'

[door closing]

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