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BIG MOE : Purple World lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Purple World"

[Chorus - 2x]
Welcome to the purple world, it go down
Candy coated streets of crime, we grind

S Coup with the ceiling recline, we shine
Represent it till the end of time, cause it's mine

[Dirty $]
I'ma represent it I'ma make these boys know
I'ma hold it down for my dirty third coast, like a soldier at his post

I'ma stay up on my note, get four
Lock load and blast with my back against the ropes, I'ma
Come out swanging, doing my thang and

Grab the microphone and I'm a leave that hoe flaming
Boys looking strange and they girls stare too
Cause we hop out the roof, talking about what it do

On the late night, when the stars shine bright

Reck cruising through the purple world pearl flipping white
Smoking on some flight, some dime piece hype
About to head to the club spend some some money on the pipe

X got me heasy, still looking pretty
Put fasacci shades on when that (*##$ hit me
Loving is out of mind we shine and grind

Show you hospitality or put one up in your spine

[Chorus - 2x]

Welcome to the purple world big cars, indo and cigars

And a lot of dime piece hoes down to do menagaes
Spit a rally dodging the streets slowed up
Home former suit of the drugs struggle and poured up

Throwed it downtown it go down after rehab
Trying to be sober in the purple world ^!$$% you about to relapse
Damn them players and pass drugs out the room and

Come down slow, with a trunk full of boom

[Tyte Eyez]

In my room all I see, is pimping pens and hens
And chickens and pigeons and all they five feathered friends
In a benz, S Coupe with my ceiling recline

About to swoop through the breads with my head feeling fine
With a young fresh dime sitting on my elbow
Tippie toe, real slow and let my t.v. screens glow

Fo sho, Tyte Eyez is still all about his cheesy
Representing the purple world boys and girls please believe me

[Chorus - 2x]

[Big Moe]

I'm still a Barre Baby, still a Barre Baby
Hitting the boulevard top down that's Mercedes
Real on me, looking mighty throwed

High to Southside rocking rocking my earlobe
Feeling good, as you see me no more cup sipping
Sipping straight to the head, I smoke on the candy and dipping

I'm feeling mighty good, I'm crawling down slow
On tippity toe, Mo-Yo blazing a four
Uh, ain't got no braids, I keeps the bald fade

From the cradle to the grave, haters got to behave
Learn by me, M-O-E from the one that street code to the game
I'ma maintain, I'ma let my nuts hang

I ain't scared to sip more than you, I ain't scared to roll candy blue
I smoke dip, you never see me naked
Unless I'm in the bed, Big Moe I wreck it than check it

[Chorus - 2x]

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