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BIG MOE : Po' It Up lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Po' It Up"

[Big Moe talking]
Po'it up baby

Sip with Moe
Let's po' some mo'
Back do

[Chorus: H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Moe]
[HA.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Moe]

Po' it up
[Big Moe]
Yeah eh yeah

[HA.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]
Let yo mind be free
[Big Moe]

AH let me free yeah
[HA.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]
Sippin' drank wit M-O-E

[Big Moe]
Sip wit Moe
[HA.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]

Po' a fo
[Big Moe]
Po' a foooo

[HA.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]
Back do some mo'
[Big Moe]

Yeah eh yeah
[HA.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]
On the South Side weeee...

[Verse 1: H.A.W.K.]
While I'm smokin' and leanin

Hatas plottin' and schemin'
None sippas be fiendin' like a ##&*%$ for [email protected]&(
Do you know the feelin'

Of how it feels to lean
Now don't cough syrup
Or barre promethazine

Wit some sticky green
And po' up an eight
In a Orange Sunkist

Or a Welch's Grape
Sip the skee taste
Hit the blunts ya rolled up

And grab a firm grip of dat hundred dolla cup
Maan hold up
Share some wit ya buddies

Don't hit Big Moe cous
Cause it's too muddy
Big Red lookin' bloody like a blood transfusion

And too much drank can cause an illusion
Make ya knees get weak
And ya eyes get hazy

And ya mouth wide open now ya lookin' crazy
Drank makes ya laazzyyy
Jus ask the Barre Baby

He still stand tall wit a vigilate
Po' it up

[Chorus: H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Moe]

[Verse 2: Big Moe]

Well I woke up
Ready this mornin'
Still throwed from the night befo' a playa was a young'n

I got out of my bed peeped out of my window
I see my partna fulla tray
Smokin' on hay

That's the way it go when we ballin' parlay
So I got up and I hopped in the shower
Ya know a big dude like to smell good

So I took about an hour
A wit da cherry out da say
Got a playa bald fade

That's the way it go when a playa stay paid
Threw on a crease
Wit a platinum piece
Befo' I hit the sweets gotta grab my PT

[Chorus: H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Moe]

[Big Moe]
AH do ya thang

AH do ya tha-ang
Blue moon blue moooon
Keep it funky baby

AH keep it funky baby

[Verse 3: Z-Ro]

Showin' up poin' up
Plus we blowin up the scene
Sticky green and promethazine
For da glow wit bubble beam
A ^!$$% be swervin' in and out the lane
Fightin' sleep

Wit a two-liter ah Big Red
Stayin' nin time like sweet
Or deep up in a Mazarati
Cause screens turn dang
I be solo when I po' up and I mix and I shake
Than I'm headin' for the tray

"Moe I done bought an eighty."
Lookin' to get some Moe wit da Drank Baby
It ain't no if's, and's, probably a maybe
It's fo sho we gone be leanin' on a regular body daily
Faces I wreck faces and swallow skee tastes
While I'm sleepin' plenty places talkin' like I jus got braces
Neva be catchin' cases cause I stay on my note

I got a partna named Big Gup and ya know he got my fo'
We be sippin and smokin' with an attempt to stay high
With a lotta ????? so I gotta stay fly
Po'it up

[Chorus: H.A.W.K. Z-Ro, Big Moe]

[Big Moe]
Oh aaaaah oh ahhhhhhh oh ahhhhh oh ahhhhh oh
Po'up wit Moooooooe
We gone drank a gallon
Wit da Barre Baby

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