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BIG MOE : Parlay lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Parlay"

(feat. Ronnie Spencer, Trademark)

[Ronnie Spencer]

mmmmmm.hhhhmmmm we balling
and parlay yea Moe-yo

[Chorus:Big Moe & Ronnie x2]

we ball and we parlay

I told ya this time
that we top of the line

[Big Moe]
System, Navigator on the southside

we melt them trays yea hit it in the six
that purple stuff wit a cup of the mix
that sounded so throwed and believe it so throwed

I cant believe its so slow
Windows closed cruise control wit some lil doe

bout to loose her clothes there she go
hoe tripping again she pancaked I flipped 8
and let me flip her again

its been a long, long time coming
but it wont be a long time for long huh

[Bridge:Big Moe]
Everytime I come around what do I see?
I see ghetto dreams coming true

everytime I'm coming down on things
top down everyday got to ball and parlay

[Big Moe]
Throw a duece when you see me Big Meezy

I make the game look easy sit up on my grind
stay up on my toes slip-slipped out the do'
frosty so cold like its deep in southpole


[Billy Crook]
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday parlay

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday parlay

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