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BIG MOE : My Girl lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "My Girl"

(feat. D-Gotti, Dirty $)


What's up, man you know
It's a damn shame, when your gal pull hoes for you
My girl ha feel this here, something different mayn

Peep game, my girl

[Hook - x2]

That's my girl, dancing on the bar
Ma, baby take a charge for me
And my girl, is a real hot thang

And she catch hoes for me

[Big Moe]

That's my girl, with a red coat on
Sliding down the block, and her shoes made of chrome
She don't mind, when the hoes all bop

My baby ain't ashamed, she'll jump off the top
And I like, when she make her last spot
When I put my school head, up on fifteen knots

You, better not touch my baby girl
We just balling all night, in our own little world

Now my girl, a sexy red with a throwed head
Northstar brain, and keep her down in my bed

Baby ain't scared, to strut her stuff in your lane
When I touches her brain, she get wet like rain
Jet down mayn, on a beautiful day

Waving my blue trunk, like we in a parade
If you lay in an escapade, when we in to winning
Don't drop the matches, on my baby's buck skin

22's tucked in, crawling for a playa
She love when Moe-Yo sing to her, getting paper
Hot we wreck the spot, and don't mind

When the fellas try to holla, cause I know baby fly

[Hook - x2]

[Dirty $]
See my boo, don't mind being Couped up

Cause when the weekend roll around, she gets ooh stuff
When she juiced up, attitude screwed up
Leave a chip on her her shoulder, boys swear she souped up

I chunk my deuce up, cause my lady too tough
Four scoops of purple stuff, mixed in my cup ha
No matter who what, when where or how

In the middle of a crowd, baby gotta stand out
Let the top down, she don't believe in broads
Quick to snatch my boy, cause she attract the law

Ask her bout them boys, like his like your's
She is my (*##$ playa, part
Everytime we floss the board, is something you never saw

Not a single score, a solitary flaw
Started life as a Houpe, but now baby bulletproof
See uh, call my girl is proof

[Hook - x4]

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