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BIG MOE : Moe Life lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Moe Life"

(feat. Noke D, Toya)


Still paying dues, ain't that right Moe-Yo
Yeah, you gotta pay your dues man (ha)
We still getting it, yes sir

It don't never stop, Wreckshop (Wreckshop)

[Hook: Toya & Noke D]

Everyday I'm living, to leave this game
Praying one day, that my ^!$$%z will see the same
Gotta make that money mayn

I'm on the grind, trying hard to get the finer things
(Lord knows I wanna leave, I hope that you feeling me
I pray that it's meant to be, I'm stacking my currensy

Paying duuu-uuu-uuues
I don't wanna lose, this game)

[Big Moe]
I remember putting FED time, on the line
Selling drank in the morning, until I lay down

Through the streets of 3rd Ward, when times are getting hard
From lucky seven and jewel, when he be jack mob
It was back in 9-2, up in High School

I wanted to sing, but still I was paying dues
Fast money had a ^!$$%, trying to shine mayn
From I got one a dolla-dolla, trying to hit stangs

With my mama and my brother, on side of me
My name is M-O-E, slash Barre Baby
Now looking back at my life, and I'm starting to see

From my father that's up above, it was meant to be


[Big Moe]
I've been scratching the surface, trying to get a lil' do'

Slide through the hood, distributing 10-4
Remember Moe, from a 3rd Ward house
Ha-ha, I done been fly

And then baby 9-8, with the windows tinted up
On the way to Screw house, still cutting me a dub
The hood was tough, but I called a ^!$$% bluff

Monnie got the drank, and she'll bust
The vehicle stayed loaded, with a lil' something purple
The Barre Baby came out, with a lil' syrup in his gurble

Job, doing a year County behind bars
Hour midnight about two, and I'm riding through 3rd Ward
And I heard God, about in '98

My little brother hit the Penn, in the streets touching yay
I'm puffing bay, trying to let my stress go
I wanna stop, but my mother still in the ghetto


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