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BIG MOE : Mashin' for Mine lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Mashin' for Mine"

[Big Moe talking]
Huh, feel this here baby, I grind, got to stay on it
Know what I'm talking about, Moe on his grind

Huh, all the time, I even like to bump and grind
Feel that, huh, listen to this here huh, what

[Chorus: Isis Re]
Steady on the grind, all the time
Steady on the grind, all the time

I got money on my mind, so I mash for mine
I stay steady on the grind all the time

[Big Moe]
I'm steady trying to hit this lick, on tip the script
Until I'm rich, put this dick off in you (*##$es and you hoes

I ain't gonna let these ^!$$%s take, I'm not gonna hesitate to break
I put my chrome against your face and now it's on
Trying to get this paper on my block

I'm not gonna stop to the villian and flop
My glock stay @@#!ed, and I keep flashing shrome

(1,1, 2, 2, 2 , 3, 3, 3, 4)

[Big Moe]

Hot damn, summer in the city
Drop looking pretty, sitting on 20's
I am, Big Motorolla serving the soda

Crawling through the clover
Hot damn, money in the city
Boys ain't tripping, never gave a flipping

I am, Big Casonova
Players get chosen, you know the game over


[Noke D]

Say money, more whips and clothes
As I flow, y'all know true players get chose
So, I'm at it till the light turn loud

Might break my spine, long as I die trying
Should find go ahead, get thick as a gauge
With the hustle and tussle baby Noke D bringing pain

Huh, somebody said Noke you got some hot tracks
I said yeah we stay together we gone give it right back

[Dirty $]
I want the roof capping save for the guts and snows
They playing you and no chips, so I could spot my foes

And let them know we throwed, check the lingo
Kids from the dingo, with the neon glow
Pee on snow, cause we all know

Put the T on toes give me a trophey cause it's murder she wrote
Uh, you holding one slangers, game re-arrangers
Steady on the grind, it just changes

Disrespect the major boy you doing too much
Plus we done chopped it up, and left them all screwed up
Chewed up and spit out, know what I'm talkin bout

Without a doubt it's on, when Texas place touch the light to make it hot

[Chorus - x2]

[Big Moe]
Let me hear you say money, money, money

Let me hear you say money, money, money
Let me hear you say money, money, money
Yeah yeah ay yeah yeah

M-I-N-E, that be M-O-E me
Roll thorugh the game and chop and chop
Know what I'm talking bout, yeah ay yeah

Uh, money, money, money
Money, money, money
Yeah ay yeah, uh uh

M-O-N-E-Y, it's Big Moe so player fly
I like to stack my change ya know
Moe Yo, I'm gone roll, gone roll

I said money, money, money
Say money, money, money
Say money, money, money
Yeah ay yeah

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