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BIG MOE : Maan!! lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Maan!!"

[Big Moe]
I done hit the pint to the head like Maan!!
Comin' down gotta potent $$# purple Sprite Maan!!

I hit tha boulevard red wit me tight like Maan!!
I hit tha boulevard man an I outta sight Maan!!
I dun took my gallon 2 tha whole head like Maan!!

Sippin' potent $$# drank I ain't sca'ed like Maan!!
Them hatin' $$# ^!$$%z they be dead like Maan!!
Moe comin' down drank i dun spread like Maan!!

Comin' down real 4 my Texas fo' squash plexin'
Bought my car Lexus Maan!! I 'bout to wreck it
It's dat Moe-torola South'z a money folda

Man I told ya befo' my ?(Maan!!) a dime holda
In a drain man million dolla stain hit tha boulevard
Moe-yo gon spread rain(Maan!!)

I can spread drank man i'm sqeackin out tha barre
I'm rollin' foreign car drank in my jelly jar
What'z up Noke D. what'z up Dolla Bill(Maan!!)

I'm higher than a hill I'm bout to throw my grill
What'z up to tha Darren what'z up to my ^!$$%z
I'm down to pull tha trigga 4 tha major figga

$#&@ Hilfiger FUBU shirt(Maan!!)
It'z tha Moe on tha mic I'm hittin' where it hurt
U can't $#&@ wit a G Big Pokey he's my kinfolk til I D.I.E.

S.U.C Wreckshop Family(Maan!!)
I hit tha boulevard top down fearin' uhh Maan!!

[Chorus: E.S.G.]
All my G'z in H-Town like Maan!!
Dallas ballaz puttin down like Maan!!

Where my Shreveport mangaz say Maan!!
All my Austin, Texas swangaz say Maan!!
Where ya'll at in Lil' Rock say Maan!!

A.T.L. ya don't stop like Maan!!
New Orleans bling bling like Maan!!
Wach Wreckshop do a thing like Maan!!

I hit tha showroom flo' I live tha thug life

I want tha coupe to do twenties and kits my screens lit
Watchin' beach party flick 2 patnaz takin turn I'ma Maan!!
10 thousand on my rist I'm da boss

Told me take my chain off let my body defrost
Fill like a frozen(Maan!!) Da chosen(Maan!!)
14 on my neck 5 thousand on my hand like Maan!!

Man I chop block like fanz man
See my perpellas when I land
Hoppin' outta candy helicopta E.S.G. wreckshoppa

Fat lady gon' sing tha opera
It's over (Maan!!) I thought I told ya

and dat Poe-torola screwed-up clicksta
Call me E.S.G. tha freestyle $#&@in' fricta Maan!!

[Big Pokey]
I'ma jump up in this thang u see I'ma sayin'
I ain't gon' stop cuz this Sen-say 4 sho

Hittin' tha do' and bond to wreck it showin' nutin' but naked
But boyz respect cuz I'm tha Maan!!
Pushin' a Benz or Lex-land painted tan

18'z kickin' in tha $$# like Jackie Chan or that Tae-bo
See that Hydro that's all I blow and ask that Big Moe
Push a 4-do' repre tha logo u know it'z me

Bite tha mic arr (*##$ I'ma G see
Won't stop I set up shop then I wreck it
Show $$# naked mob-style protected

Sen-say don't play won't play
Never did pop the lid on the pint
Turn it upside down and I'ma sip it

Gimme a kelo and I'ma whip it ship it
Distributed just like tapes
When I touch tha track tha track bein' rape Maan!!

A gorilla untame ^!$$% know my name
Sen-say uh Maan!!

[Chrous: E.S.G.]
All my G'z dat'z stackin' endz say Maan!!
All my ballaz in tha pen' say Maan!!
Where ya'll at in S.A. say Maan!!
California all day say Maan!!

Crooklyn Queens let me hear u say Maan!!
Jersey fellas let me hear u say Maan!!
Florida killaz let me hear u say Maan!!
Tampa dealaz Miami say Maan!!
Shreveport Monroe say Maan!!

Alexandria P.A. say Maan!!
What ya'll think it'z us skillz say Maan!!
Wreckshop in tha do' say Maan!!

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