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BIG MOE : Leave Drank Alone lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Leave Drank Alone"

(feat. Mike Wilson)


You know I'm talkin bout, everybody here
Trying to get outta something, you know I'm saying
But we ain't perfect though, so judge me

Like you judge yourself, you know I'm saying leave me alone

[Hook: Big Moe & Mike Wislon - x2]

Trying to leave drank alone (leave drank alone)
I'm trying to leave drank alone (trying to leave drank alone)

[Big Moe]
It's the Big Moe the Barre Baby, and I want to
Say thank you, to all my fans and friends

For helping me through, what I been through
Lately thangs been crazy, but it's all good
I'ma stay on my knees, and pray for every

Ghetto and, every hood
Nobody's perfect, not by a long shot
The problems I got, I know we all got

I never give up, when times get hard
Keep my head up, and keep my faith in God yeah

[Hook - x2]

[Big Moe]

Big Moe ain't no role model, I'm only human
It's a shame, how the world be judging us
For thangs that, we be doing

Now I know, that I'm getting older
And it seems, the world is so much colder
And success, put stress on my shoulder

Now I'm pouring less, in my soda
Man I miss, them days of being young
Big sipping big pimping, having fun

But nobody sip more, than the Moe
When you see me flip, Moe-Yo gotta go yeah

[Hook - x2]

[Big Moe]

Now I'm realizing, I'm about to lose
Till I woke up to bad news so sad
I had to lose my Papa Screw

Big Moe just ain't sanging, what I ain't gon do
What I'ma sang about, all the things
That I know, my ^!$$%z go through

From the right, I'm just living my life
Trying to play these cards, I'm dealt with a right
We all struggle, and going through thangs

But I know, it's just growing pains
What they say, Big Moe ain't gon sip
Getting week five for dip, but I do know this

I'm slowing down, take it one day at a time

Staying on my grind, trying to get mine

Trying to leave it alone yeah, trying to leave it alone
Trying to leave it alone yeah, trying to leave it alone yeah
I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying

I'm try-i-ing, trying to leave this drank alone

[Hook - x2]

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