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BIG MOE : Just a Dog lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Just a Dog"

I was at the club one night (one night)
That's when I saw some hype (saw some hype)

She looked kinda thoed to me (she looked kinda thoed yeah)
She was all up in my grill (my grill)
So I showed her my big daddy steel (big daddy steel)

I'm just a dog, don't blame me (a dog don't blame me yeah)

[Big Moe]

Rolling on a Sunday, with the top down
Hit that M-L-K, popped up show some round
Headed to a (*##$, that I knew from way back

She use to be skinny, but now that $$# ain't flat
She said Moe-Yo, I didn't know that you rap
I remember you singing, way back at the Jack

Race in a Delta 88, scraping plates
All up and down 2-88 (8-8)
I said, girl you remember that %#@!

Me, Herms Tooley, keep it with the hitting licks
Use to have boys sick, we use to skip school
Acting a damn fool, at Gravestone and Tenshoe

It use to be you, Kiesha, Bridget and Tanesha
And your whole damn crew
Tell me what it do, are we clubbing tonight

Maxo sound thoed, yeah we thugging tonight, iight


[Big Moe]
I jumped in the Gator, leaving the South Park

On the way to the crib, it was almost dark
You know a big dude, gotta hop up in the shower
You already know, it took about a hour

I jumped out fresh, and jumped out clean
Hit the fo' for green, hit the stash for the lean
Grabbed my bling bling, Screwed Up around my neck

Grabbed a tech, for them boys who failed to respect
And the ones with the plex, you will get your days darkened
So move around, and watch me hit the lot without even parking



[Big Moe]

Pulled up on the lot, just finished off a sweet
Dropped a hot twenty, valeted the SUV
Long line at the club, it's going down they made us back

But the big boss playa, gon pa-pass all that
That's when I noticed, you and your crew
Screaming Big Moe, can we come in with you

Hell yeah you want a G, V.I.P.
They got the whole section, roped off just for me
That's when your friends, started eyeballing me

Like she was fascinated, with the Barre Baby
One thang led to the next, it's a bit of some sex
I know I met you first, didn't mean to disrespect

But me and baby girl, had a chemistry
And I know you heard, of my history
Big Moe dog, ain't lazy with the law

I'm a lover dude, I can serve both of y'all




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