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BIG MOE : It's About to Go Down lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "It's About to Go Down"

[Chorus: (Big Moe) & Toon]
If you thugging in the club (thugging in the club)
And you rolling on dubs (rolling on dubs)

You ain't tripping, showing love (and showing love)
Say it's about to go down
You got money in your city (money in your city)

And the mamas looking pretty (mamas looking pretty)
If you feeling what I'm feeling (feeling what I'm feeling)
Say it's about to go down

[Mr. 3-2]
As I slide down on dubs, moving around on concrete

That g, oh he and I stays on feet
Heat with hollow clips, ready to bust shots
Glocks, full of heat leaving the situation hot

Plot all day boss hogging for position
Street game all in your face watch the rolex cushion
Heavy weighter, I'm the champ, Mr. 3-2

Really though big baby and it's 2002
Wreck a shop with Mo-Yo I'm boy hard
Boys, want to got to war black them out like tar

Swangers, on my guard, in a old school
I'm a god damn fool, start to busting with the two
Fresh braided, player made it, deuce out the roof

Rest in peace to my old and in these streets running loose
Ain't no use, trying to stop it just come and pop it
Loco, big dozer and we still sitting sloppy


Cash me gucci coat, slicing a bad (*##$
Watch her get a china facelift

Gear shift, we performing up in the land
Suicide doors, dubs and twin cams
All (*##$es on the fam heads turning tonight

Watch us be the star traction and a harder night
More than Sprite, plus my neck and wrist are cold
Ice cubes in my watch and the piece is just froze

These hoes, all on a ^!$$% dick cause I'm young, fly and rich
Escorting a bad (*##$, doja lit, I ain't worried about the laws
Hoes whisper to eachother girl I think he played ball

No (*##$, I'm just a rapper out the hood
And I'm wrestling with the wood, powered up feeling good
Little engine that could, beat the block for it's stock

Turn around and swap game for a political job
R.I.P. to Pab aka Mr. Sweets
If you peeping from the south we about to blow you fin to see

Gucci boots on her feet, gucci boots on my feet
I'ma pay a lot tonight, shine and have a seat


[Lil' Flip]

When I hit the scene, I'm crispy clean
I got a box of dougnuts from Crispy Creme
Everybody looking at me like Flip you the %#@!

Hell yeah I'm the %#@!, look at my wrists
I roll up a philly, roll up a philly
Head to the town and watch 3rd Ward Billy

Knock a ^!$$% out while pouring up a drank
Got my mind on the bank, in the jail I use a shank
I sip that, flip that, wood grain grip that

Go to the Papa Do's yeah I'm gone tip that
It's Lil' Flip I'm a million dollar star
Blue, black or red don't touch my car, uh


[Noke D]
I'm shook up, I'm looking throwed
Gucci wardrobe to match the gucci soles

Gucci hoes and hop out the SL
I'm popped up and sliding on Sprewell
We sell, everything you need

Riding through with Pardon Davis and some falling t.v.s
Moe and me, we have been a lot
Looking for some head in a ittle bitty shop
On top, on wrist rock it's going down
H-Town southside 3rd Ward bound

Pulled up acting and class so they'll know
The south on shine cause we ain't broke no more


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