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BIG MOE : Get Lonely Too lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Get Lonely Too"

(feat. Mike Wilson, Noke D)

[Mike Wilson]

Don't let the, money fool you
The money fool you, too yeah
Oh, I get lonely, lonely

[Big Moe & (Mike Wilson)]
I guess you heard of my situation (I guess you heard)

I've done my share, of putting it down (share of putting it down)
But everybody needs, sexual relations (everybody needs it)
But mine just happened to be, all over H-Town (wanna be down with M-O-E)

It's a playa made occupation (playa made occupation)
3rd Coast, high society (yeah-yeah-yeah)
I just once, I wanna get down

Without being all about my do' (all about my do')
I just once, I wanna get down
With somebody who know how Big Moe roll

Don't let the money fool ya, Big Moe I get lonely too

Even though I got more money
You can imagine in your wildest dreams
But money don't make no happy man

[Noke D & (Mike Wilson)]
I'm the kind of player (I'm the kind of player)

That can change your world around (let me turn your world around)
I can take you from suede to gators (oooooh-ooooh-oooh)
Just as long as you stay down, you stay down

Oooooooooooooooo-oooh (oooooh)
I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder oooh (I wonder)
Know that I get lonely sometimes, tired of being all by myself

I just need you to be with me girl, and nobody else yeah


[Big Moe & (Mike Wilson)]
I know you recognize me, I'm the Moe-Yo (that's my ^!$$%)

I'm on your radio and TV (all you gotta do is turn the TV on)
But for all that baby, I'm gon drop me a X-O
So won't you take a little time out your day and come and sex me

Baby you and me can make a constant connection
Maybe you can come shine with me (you can bling bling)
Cause Big Motorola needs a bit of affection (affection)

I'll dig in the flesh come rolled up, that's fine with me oh baby


[Mike Wilson]
It goes like this, at first you can't

Let the money fool you, and you need to know
I get lonely sometimes, I wanna knock you down baby

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