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BIG MOE : Confidential Playa lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Confidential Playa"

[Ronnie Spencer vocalizes through whole song]

[Chorus: Z-Ro]

I'm still a player, a confidential player
I'm just trying to do something right, so let me live my life
Even though I'm still hustling, I know you want to see me struggling

But at least I'm trying to do something right so let me live my life

[Tyte Eyez]

Lord knows I had my share of doing the wrong things
But a bonified player that finds the life in me
Casualties make us cry but still we got to mash

Keep my eyes up on the sparrow and mind, up on my cash
Penetrate, finish last maintain a steady pace
Keep the busters out your business and haters up out your face

In this last rat race, the lord some's got to come
Shrivel my signature I call it rapping refunds
The ones that criticize be the ones you call your friends

The ones that ride it out ain't gone always be your kin
But then, you got to know, if it's yours you gone get it
But also you got to know that everyday, ain't terrific

Precision about your plans, keep it real with your fans
Watching my baby boy grow to be a young man
My daughter got to know, from the jump you a queen

And $#&@ what them ^!$$%s say you tell them your daddy is a king


[Big Moe]
Everytime I look around

These haters they be talking down
Big Moe that done bring more light
I even had a, had a harder time

But I'm still here still going strong
You can't believe what you hear in the song
About the year two triple o three

Whole wide world sipping drank with me
I got money but I'm still a little stressed
I thank the lord cause you know I'm the best

A little love set with the press
Why you want less cause through this
I guess it's best for me, to stay calm

And hold it down till the day that I'm gone
I got a white cup in my palm
Feel what a peach crush Mo-Yo's just a

Player, player, player, player


Money, the rule to all evil that's what I need
Between the hours of 3 to 7, that's when I bleed
Mother$#&@ers gone making the block hot, so I stay and move around

Tyte Eyez and Z-Ro stacking paper, it's going down
Break the shop of a ^!$$% that's short stopping my change
But me and him to the fullest ducking bullets at close range

Feeling crazy, like I'm a lose my life to a (*##$ ^!$$%
But while I'm here I be a rich ^!$$%
Nephews and nieces, niece cool clothes and chains and pieces

I break bread with my family when my record releases
Besides skills in the west, ^!$$% got mouths to feed
Anything against the grain just light a finger spot over seas

Saturday morning as a youngster I ain't have no bike
And I ain't have no Nikes, but in the triple I'ma have more ice
Around my neck and my wrist with fern doors

Z-Ro, confidentially yours a player


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