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BIG MOE : Codine Fiend Freestyle lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Codine Fiend Freestyle"

No what I'm sayin ha ha
Hit ya with that pokey
Poyo crawling slow

I ain't trippin
Sippin on that drank that lean
Big moes a codiene fiend

Starch and clean on the scene
Codiene is a drank sippin drank codiene
I'm that ^!$$% big moe

Down to sip a straight 4
Never been no hoe down to crawl so slow
South side we gon hold

South side we be real
Swangin down with bumpa grill
Choppin boys on blades

Bars with spokes
Sache shades
Big moe's playa maid

Ha ha trippin man
Man I am a drink fiend
Stay sippin on that lean

Now my patna run g sippin on
Ha ha forgot what he sippin
Wat he sippin on

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