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BIG MOE : Choppaz lyrics

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BIG MOE lyrics : "Choppaz"

[D-Gotti talking]
We Po'ed up, we showed up
and we still rolling on choppas

it ain't stoping know what im talking about
it's D-goti, wreckshop to tha grave
it's going down, mo-yo, feel this here baby

[verse 1: D-Gotti]
These blades are choppin'

And these babes are boppin'
Got a cup full of mud and my trunk is knockin'
Felling my FUBU

Hollering what it do
Hitting circles throug the lot like im in a hula-hoop
Who the crew that stang these streets like bees

We the G's that be's and i'll flow from over seas
Hold the trees big moe while I split the optimo
In a wide body Benz-O going bout 4

Oh, the ex-o just hit me where it hurt
Im bout to jump down and flirt
And get up some skirts

Let the ice do the work
Put us up in the dentist
After we hit the lenards till they know who sent us

You can $#&@
but your $$# can't stay and drank drank
Next morning we hooked up eating breakfast at the Frank's

Doing the same thing we did the day before
Choppin the sceene and knocking down bad hoe's

Rolling in my candy red car

Roling on Chop-pas
Sippin a big daddy cup of barre

I Gotta feel that Mo-yo
Crawling through these city streets
Sippin on a what straight 4

And we rollin

[Verse 2: Big M.O.E.]

Down south, We rolling nation wide
Popped up mo-yo foregin ride
Put it down for that boy Po-yo

On the low low Im a young pro
In this game I ain't lame
Rolling down on chops

Smoking on the Killer Mary Jane
Coming down freestyle, playa buck wild
Big M.O.E. is a throwed child

Im a leave lean , stack my green
Everytime you see the moe im on the codine
Im out the damn tre, a playa don't play

Bout to chop it up for them boys everyday
Choppa's, rolling on those choppa's


[Verse 3: Noke-D]
Chop Chop, When i hit the block
I told you once before that the %#@! won't stop

Wreckshop to the grave trunk pop make it say hey
Hello hi hey how ya doing
Put the screw in your deck Throw up yo set,

And go on break your neck cause the 20 inchs wet
And I bet that if we sip three whole eights
Pop 1,2 a piece these hoes gone hate, MAN!!!!

[Verse 4: D-Wreck]
Wreckshop baby so playa made

Im a let the top down let the sun hit the braids
Im a bleed these blocks till my heart beat stop
Keep the streets on lock, cause the %#@! be hot

D-Wreck tote glocks, cause we tote big knots
Methazyne on the rocks till my belly pop
So clean when we shop, my car never stop
Candy gleam off the drop make your girl flip flop
D-wrezay tell me how ya feel

It's all about the scrill want a billon dollar deal
Noke-Deazy tell me how do ya feel
Some get it how they love it but we get it how we feel
D-Wreck, Noke-D handle business the same
We $#&@ hoes and sip 4's cause we running this thang

Some thangs never change they remain the same
P-A-T and E-S-G and M-O-E gone bang

[Chorus x2]

[Big M.O.E.]
Chop chop-pas
Coming down I'm a G
Chop chop-pas

Gotta feel that M-O-E
Chop Chop-pas
Mo-yo and the Noke-D
D-Gotti rolling with Mo-yo
D-Wreck let em know we aint no hoe
Rolling on Chop Chop-pas

Breaking boys off in the south
Rolling on Chop Chop-pas
Drank syrup so I don't cough
Chop Chop-pas
It's Mo-yo a young G
I gotta feel Barre Baby
Wrecking these H-Town streets

Rolling on yea

[Verse 5: Big Moe]
Chop chop chop chop chop
I keep a glock @@#!ed
For the haters Knock knock
I do the body roc make the $$# end hop

What's the damn deal Moe i'm for real
Hold the microphone showing my naked skills
Whats up Noke-D, Whats up Skip dog
Out the south side Moe rolling Boss hog
Boss hogging streets, Knocking down freaks
Its Mo-yo stay riding my meat
Ride Big Moe I never been a hoe

Crawling down and you know a G
Letting them boys what know
Stay sipping drank
Sippin my sealed out pint
I'll beat that seal on a 4 man
just in case im a roll with Pokey
Sippin on P P-t

All cause my partna big snoop
Sippin on Drank Gal-lon
Boys can't drank more than Moe
Drank Baby
Boys talking bout they the barre baby
I've been saying this %#@! since long ago
Out my momma womb I sipped a 4

Its Big Moe, Mo-yo

Know what I'm saying
Stay sipping

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