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BIG MELLO : What It Do lyrics

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BIG MELLO lyrics : "What It Do"

(feat. Cl'Che)


Uh, know I'm tal'n bout
Look out, already

[Big Mello:]
Hey baby, can I take a minute of your sweet time
To express these thoughts, they are heavy on my mind

Don't mean to be aggressive, but I got to do it
I see something that I like, and I gotta pursue it
I know you probably got a gang of cats, shooting they shot

Talking bout what they got, you know like mansions and yachts
And how they love to run up in you, to me I'm kinda different
See I wanna get to know you, can we start with dinner

What you like Maggianos, maybe Papa Deauxx
We can do the Tex-Mex baby, listen to Tejano
I'm cool cause about now, it's all about you

And baby girl give me a chance, and I can show you what it do
For real see it's your presence, that got me mesmerized
Excuse me, if I come off a little too fly

And mama now I can see it in your eyes, you feel me
Think about it here's my number, call me the realest and I

[Hook x2: Big Mello]
Tell me what you want, girl it's all on you
I ain't tripping baby girl, tell me what it do

Tell me what you want, now it's all on you
I ain't tripping baby girl, tell me what it do

Hold up let me think about it, boy you so real
Ain't nobody ever came to me like that, what's the deal

Now I feel very flattered, see I'm peeping your stees'
I can tell you might be the one, to put me at ease
Some guys they come too fly, I pass on by

I say hi but that's far as it goes, no lie
I like movies dinner's cool, but see I play by the rules
If it's meant then it can happen, and that's when I choose

You know brothers be with, I can buy you this I can buy you that
But with me, I wanna see where your heart is at
We can hook up, I'm digging your style

You so fly, you can put that what thug in my life come on

[Hook x4: Cl'Che]

Now tell me what you want, boy it's all on you
I ain't tripping baby boy, tell me what it do

[Big Mello:]
I been in and out relationships, with all kind of chicks
And gold diggers and cheating tricks, and scandalous nit-wits

I like em independent, strong and physically fit
One that can hold a conversation, plus open minded
You see you got me addicted, see me and you we could kick it

Take me away from the wicked, elevate me and lift me
To another level next plateau, I'm so fa sho
Me and you we can do things, we never did befo' let's go

Now I don't wanna waste my lifetime, running round
All I wanna know, baby will you be mine I'm for real
See I'm coming from, my heart and my soul

And it's the only way I know, and if you down we can roll now let's go

[Hook x4: both]

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