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BIG MELLO : Southside lyrics

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BIG MELLO lyrics : "Southside"

(feat. Z-Ro, Trae, Cl'Che, Ghetto)


What uh, Southside for li'
What, H-Town baby come on

[Big Mello:]
Watch me come through, tal'n bout what it do
Hop out who-do, trunk knock with that Screw

Ain't nothing changed, see I'm still true blue
Hit my licks, but I keep em on the cool huh
I'm a damn fool huh, KMJ the crew

Already heavy like a Cheve, bout the feddy
On scrill break limits, shred rappers like confeddi
Grip the damn grain, pinky ring keep it steady

I'm the body rocker, represent the Southside
Even when I'm high, keep that money on my mind
So I grind, T on my side we gotta shine

Hoes gon mind, cause they know the ice blind
All the time, see I gotta wreck
Cash a damn check, keep my %#@! up in your deck

The architect designer, hustler slash rhymer
Candy paint ^!$$%z, I'm the base like primer
What big timer, Big Mello

Big thang ^!$$%, stack big pesos
Me and Z-Ro, J and Geno
On the Q track, keep the flow so thoed

I'ma body rock ya, from your head to your toe
Boys can't see, Mello and Z-Ro
Only at the show, late night video

Hiram-Clarke/Mo City, what Mafioso


Ridgemont 4 representer, ^!$$%z wonder where I went
Bending corners in a Intrepid, fo' do' behind tint
Making stacks upon stacks upon stacks, of B. Franklin

Anybody running up on KMJ, will be stanking
I might be shermed out, I might be smoking on that drizzo
Anyway it go, I'm still gon put a tag on your big toe

Ask Eugene, we killers with automatic machine
Knocking over walls when we crawl, keeping our mug on mean
If you got a sensitive side, get up out my ride

Cause it's sho to be some pistol play, probably homicide
If you's a snitch ^!$$% (*##$ ^!$$%, I'm digging your ditch
Giving out dome calls, leaving everybody wigless

I'm gonna, give a ^!$$% a headstone
Cause I'm after my paper, mama say go get it even though she dead and gone
Smoke and dranking with alphabets, to tighten my lip

With a dirty gar beam for busters, hitting em right in they hip
I'm a guerilla, do anything it take to make scrilla
Even if one of my own gotta fall, $#&@ y'all ^!$$%z

I'm one of a kind, and ain't no (*##$ got my mind
I don't need a relationship, as long as I got my nine

Tell me the truth, why do these cats be thinking that they could be $#&@ing with us
Really though I don't know, but they don't wanna be running with us

I'm out that Southsi' for li', for li' until I die
KMJ coming up out of the storm, for real that ain't no lie
With Dougie D and Z-Ro, we making a pay to break bread

If somebody $#&@ing with Big Mello, my slug hit em in they head
Ain't no disrespecting my team, or my team'll get aggravated
All you mark $$# mother$#&@ers better duck, or you infiltrated

See I'm a Dirty South talker, philly blunt sparker

Telling hoes to come on down, like Bob Barker
Never been a stalker, man $#&@ a (*##$
All a (*##$ can do for a pimp, is make me rich

Hit the switch in a mothership, with bump in the trunk
I ain't tripping on no haters, I got that pump in the trunk
And I'm ready to dump, up on a (*##$ $$# ^!$$%

Cause ain't no Blood'n or Crip'n, cause we from Texas ^!$$%
%#@! we all about, our cash flow
Don't play no games, or you'll end up with a tag up on your big toe

It's that ^!$$% Mello, and that ^!$$% Ghetto
Coming through your backdo', (*##$ what they hitting fo'
Some playas, down here
Don't bring your girl, cause we hot #[email protected] slayers down here
Done hooked up with my ^!$$% Daz Dili', from the mother$#&@ing West

Burning holes in you ^!$$%z chest, like you was smoking on some stress
Or that bomb-bomb, ^!$$% from Vietnam
^!$$% ring the mother$#&@ing alarm, cause it's on
I got my ^!$$% JJ, in a zone
^!$$% mother$#&@er, tell that (*##$ to bring it on

I don't know why, ^!$$%z wanna try but try
But the only think I know, that your ^!$$%z'll die
If they $#&@ing, with the KMJ click
If you don't like it, get up off the Southside dick (*##$

If you wonder where I'm at, this guerilla at
I'm shining in your face, if you haven't seen me yet
I'm a Southsi' for li', hot girl
Rocking with the Big Mello, and the Crooked Z-Ro

Quick to break the hoes, off
While we dropping tops, we got you dropping your mouth
Cl'Che representing for the South, the Dirty South
Ask that Q, these haters put em in line
Big Mello above the Cl', Z-Ro on the side of Cl'
So I'm telling you, ain't none of that getting close to Cl'

I play with big boys, that move them big thangs
C.D.'s and LP's, so we can get a bigger name
KMJ, we gon stick to your brain like cement
Glass get em Monroe, we flyer than bird %#@!
It's me, now tell me what you see
A list mouth mother$#&@er, with a cold mouthpiece
R.I.P. to my G's and chicks, we still swanging them do's

Candy riding on 4's, and ^!$$%z polishing they golds
Down here, Southsi' for li'
Houston Texas, just to make it all clear

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