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BIG MELLO : Serious lyrics

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BIG MELLO lyrics : "Serious"

Uh yeah, you ^!$$%z feel me
Know what I'm tal'n bout, huh what what

[Big Mello:]
I broke bread in these streets fed these streets, bled these streets

Left hoes $$# ^!$$%z, dead in these streets
Still here, no ^!$$% gon change my direction
Or residence, still on some ol' waven wooden fence

Posted up with AK, tal'n bout what it do
$#&@ with mine ^!$$% what, I'm blowing up your who-do
As far as you scary $$# Hollywood ^!$$%z, I give's a $#&@ bout what ya got

Or who you shot, you ain't next to Pac
With that studio plexing, yeah you bump to the mic
But get friendly, when you in a ^!$$% sight iight

Now speak the truth and see who who, and what it do
And who the realest that escaped the %#@!, and who the damn fool
Check my rap sheet, pull me up check my case

I survived prison riots, without a scar on my face
I did mine never switched, never snitched like a (*##$
I beat ^!$$%z with clutched fists, you can't $#&@ with this

I'm the meaning of drama, ran away from my mama
Stood alone broke bones, for the cash rocked domes
Forever H-Town, body rocker slab trunk knocker

On dro, I come through your damn screen like a shocker

[Hook: x2]

I'm serious, huh
You can't $#&@ with the infamous, notorious
Bone hard $$# ^!$$%, yeah I gotta say this

You can't $#&@, with that ^!$$% Curtis Davis

[Big Mello:]

I don't piggy back ^!$$%z, I rat-a-tat ^!$$%z
I'm known to roam the streets, in a houpe full of killas
We gorillas, still swinging through the South on 3's

The pride of Hiram-Clarke, Sunnyside, Mo City
Ghetto gladiating, I'm beating Satan all the time
On the grind put it down, see Big Mello gon shine

You (*##$ made I'm homicidal, you suicidal
You paranoid, scary $$# ^!$$% I'm right behind you
Cause ^!$$%z who talk about it, but see I be about it

I live that phsyco %#@!, you hoe $$# ^!$$%z rap about it
I been in high speed chases, way before Cops
^!$$% what you sold rocks, I moved birds by the flock

Stacked grands before rapping, see the booth and never acting
See real hip-hop, ain't bout fashion or flashing
Or riding niggz dick, yeah to hit the top

I done heard ^!$$%z flip flop, to get to a certain spot

[Hook x2]

[Big Mello:]
Southside hall of famer, made a mark in this city

Got game from Ice, K.B., Dre Dolla and Smitty
R.I.P. to fallen soldiers, but the kid still remains
One of the coldest in my era, ask my ^!$$% Lil' James

Yeah fool I stepped out, wanted to get out the red
And I did what I had to do, to keep my family fed
No secret brain was cloudy, but a ^!$$% still rowdy

Went hard in the paint, you hoe $$# ^!$$%z had to foul me
Can't stop me, sloppy carbon copies
I run circles round you feeble minded label $$#, wanna be Gotti's

You watching too many movies, I'm a living horror flick
My life my life, Steven King will write about my %#@!
Beat the odds with God, still living to tell it

Bet a ^!$$% won't pimp me, to sell no records
Gives a $#&@ about platinum, gives a $#&@ about gold
Ask these ^!$$%z in the streets, they know Mello stone cold what

[Hook x2]

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