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BIG MELLO : Bump Too Much lyrics

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BIG MELLO lyrics : "Bump Too Much"

(feat. Trae, Tony Montana)

[Big Mello:]

Look out dog, we got a hater in the mix
^!$$%z mad, cause we trying to get richer
Don't wanna see a ^!$$%, having paper mayn

Make a ^!$$% wanna hit em, with this damn thang
$#&@ a ^!$$% what, trying to short stop mine
Hoe ^!$$%z yeah, better not cross the line

It go down ^!$$% what, naw I ain't tripping
This ^!$$%, think a mother$#&@er bull%#@!ting
I got a plot to hit, and make a phone call

I got partnas, to $#&@ off all y'all
Montana what's up, you down to ride ^!$$% yeah
Put that mother$#&@ing K, in they life ^!$$%

These ^!$$%z yeah, bumping that bull%#@!
Running round here bumping, just like a (*##$
Now it's about time, we gotta handle up

We touch ^!$$%z, that bump too much

[Hook: x2]

Now have you ever, been put in a position
You know like, hoe $$# ^!$$%z trying to send you to prison
Uh, you better handle up

Cause ^!$$%z, they bump too much now

[Tony Montana:]

Look I'm mellow mayn, you know I'm riding with ya
I don't $#&@, with these hoe $$# snitch ^!$$%z
We got big pistols, for these rat ^!$$%z

Old (*##$ $$#, living in the past ^!$$%z
I don't love em homes, I pump em off for free
And when they $#&@ with you ^!$$%, they $#&@ with me

Hold that J and Gene, see we family
KMJ street mafia, power team
I don't give a $#&@, I bury @@#!-a-roaches

Exterminate all insects, and pesky rodents
These ^!$$%z, gon recognize
If they get too fly, kiss that $$# goodbye

[Hook x2]

I could recall a couple of cats out here, who be hating knowing they shady
But if they come inside of my range, they ain't gon be breathing baby

Lately it seems these ^!$$%z be bumping, stronger than ever
Not clever cause I will hurt em, and spray em like rainy weather
And stop em where I drop em, red dot em and then I got em

And block em and then I sock em, till ^!$$%z wanna call the cops in
To lock me up, but I ain't going back
Half of these cats be knowing that, as soon as they start to chit-chat

Day I be turning blue black you get that, I'm telling y'all to get back
'Fore I get irritated, and slapping your $$# on contact
I mean that believe that, you test that I'll stress that

And make it complicated, for people to get they life back

[Hook x2]

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