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BIG MACK : Big Dreams lyrics

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BIG MACK lyrics : "Big Dreams"

Fighting for our lives, the world is a ring,
The harder you beat, the more you are a king.
So like Jay said, it's a hard knock life,

Once you start to win, look back for a knife.
The world is a prison, the sky is the gate,
The limit is already set by every single state.

Like Puff told Big, you gotta chase the dream,
King showed the way, but it ain't easy as it seems.
But i got more ambition than a Meek Mill,

Like Fort Minor, strong power of will.
Meditation, mind of steel,
Fit mind, it ain't the way my body feels.

But still running for the top, fire on my heels,
and like my lil bro, i'm working for them hot wheels.
Hoping for the best, even if i'm hopeless,

You only live once, gotta make the right choices.
Look to the future, boy I ain't got one,
Time is money, boy I ain't got none.

I only try to beat all them eating ^!$$%'s,
And only try eat all them beaten ^!$$%'s.
Dreamchaser, i try to make em true,

Dreamcatcher, that's what i'll be for you.
Dreaming like a boy, acting like a man,
Working like a champ, giving all i can.

Many kings now, but i'm the crown prince,
Told myself, believed it ever since.
look at Roll-a-dice, and start to realise,

Our %#@! is so nice but we need to weaponize.
To kill every single track that i bring,
So stand back for Big Mack, the burger king.

I do it for the bad, I do it for the good,
I do it for the fame, and I do it for the loot.
Do it for every single thing that I never had,

For all the nights, laying all alone in bed.
Do it for the (*##$es, and do it for myself,
Rags to riches, men it's all about the wealth.

6 billion people, and they all try to make it,
Only one spot, and we all try to take it.
Peer pressure, yeah i know the feeling,

If you don't follow, they will see you as a villan.
But imma keep fighting until they bow down,
Blaze thru the maze, until I have the crown.

Diamonds with gold, upon my dome,
And like Hova imma let em watch the throne.
This %#@! will be the come up of a black knight,

Going on a quest, gotta keep up the fight.
Cause imma push it to the limit, further and beyond,
I need to push it, cause they put me out of bounds.

perfect every track, make it correct to comeback,
In fact connect beat with the voice of big mack.
Hiphop ain't a choise, it is my life,

I love the noise, like it's my wife.
Make lyrics and put my heart in it,
Life is a hard battle, so i have to win it.

fight thru the jungle like mohammed ali,
Do or die, like my legend B.I.G

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