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BIG LYRX lyrics : "So Fine"

(Verse 1)
A penny for your thought, a nickel for your kiss,
A whole dollar for the way she shakin up them hips,

Like some Shakira %#@!, body fully equipped,
Short skirts, see thru top, heels that's sick,
Got them Facebook pics, bathroom sink mirror...then CLICK!

Long blogs on them pages,
Full of hearts, and quotes, and statements,
Introduce her to the sounds of greatness,

808 leave em shakin faces,
Shake hands with the Platinum Ace, dimples on her face,
Seem to be the reason cats payin to get a taste,

Shhitt, she real thick, thick, thick, thick....that's what I call her,
Come her mommy , she really like that I'm ballin,
Twitter go off crazy, even more than Jay-Z,

%#@! that don't amaze me...cuz she BANGIN!
Similar to Colors...Rocket, High Top and the others,
Lip gloss re applied every 15...she a baaaaad thang...

She be a bad thang fa sho,

Sexy mammi from head to her toes,
So Fine
She be authentic and real,

Body on BANG BANG, like to see how it feel,
So Fine
She be a freaky lil show, when them go low,

She like to GET IT LOW!
So Fine
She be a dime piece fa sho,

Not from Inglewood but I'm the Mack and she me 1-0!

(Verse 2)

When I seen her up in a thong I was like YO!
Wanna be quick to rush her make her scream and moan UUHHHGGGHH!
Quick to see it was NO, without making moves fa sho,

Mrs. Independent smarter than you thinkin yo,
Because her body be a quarter...smile a hundred thou
Attitude sweet n gentle, not like no wrestler or rebel,

But the biggest thang be crazy,
Two kids , one a baby,
Never would of sensed it...she got flawless intentions,

But did I mention she was BALLIN, SHOT CALLIN,
Black Benz for bizness, while the money be ROLLIN,
No pushin texts when she pushin strollers,

Super Mommadonous, lookin bangadotous,
Overall ferocious, mafu**as can't hold this, queen Bee and she know this..
And she cook too!

I got dinner for two, enchiladas green rice n beans,
The next thang...we did the WILD THANG!!!



(Verse 3)
I need a ride or die chick, body so sicc,

Fragrance, hair on hit...and I got that!
5 foot 2, shoe game zoo,
Been the winner of every beauty pageant since school,

Yet n still, she keep it G when it get real,
Hide my stash, tuck nini when I'm walkin the field,
When weapons concealed she be the main...hustling skill,

She posses when she eyein that million dollar bill,
Talk a cold game when she make a deal,
For the kill she make more and more skrill,

She be my lover, best friend, tag partner,
Play fights, lap dances, HUSTLE HARDER,
She be a keeper fa sho, up to the end of the show,

Loyal, dedicated, and even more....she sooooooo fine!!!!!



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Thanks to maria.01215