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BIG LYRX lyrics : "I'm Doin Me"

Verse 1
Its me, the B-I-G L-Y-R-X,
same cat that whether the storm when the beat wrecks,

same kid that ripped up that cipha, keep the crowd hypa,
GOD blessed....never contest,
now i'm travelin doin shows wit the best,

slangin them discs...signin autographs on yo breast,
get a taste kid, you know what it is....
pimpin aint ez and keep yo mind on your biz,

interviews left and right,
they wantin to know, what the Lyrx life like,
I give em a sample of history, show em my testimy,

sicc game....doin what's best for me,
then i'm blessed wit a child like destiney,
new role, new responsibility, gya!

i'm still hustling, therefore im ballin,
ma$#[email protected]'m just doin me!



All in together,
i'm servin that good up whenever,
anything you want, anything you like....like TI

I'm movin like an undercover GI,
business man like...handle my BI
fu**in wit my game you gon end up in the triage,

and maybe even missin permanent out in MIA
BIG game, never small like a Fiat,
even smoother wit the ladies while they sippin Sangria,

I leave em F'd up and dazed like Gia,
hollerin "they love me...." but really they like the feela,
since way back when I was steppin in Filas,

I had the dreams of cream by ways of dope dealin,
wit a lil bit of this....a lil bit of that...
i'm sippin on some Hennessey, I be that Gentalmen Jack,

$#[email protected] around and spit a veterans rap, hustle hard never see me nap...foo
I'm doin me!


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Thanks to maria.01215