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BIG LEAN : My Lifestyle ft Chief Keef lyrics

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BIG LEAN lyrics : "My Lifestyle ft Chief Keef"

[Verse 1: Big Lean]
(*##$ get down with the get down
Y'all gonna wait till I'm rich now

All you see me with Sosa
So you know I'm getting closer
Keep that strap with no holster

Just to pop at a joker
You should know from way back
That lean don't play that

I'm trying to live how a king should live
Thinking back, when my mama lost a crib
Thinking back, on when they told me

My brother would live
Now it's us against the world, something gotta give
I'm on a roll and nobody can stop me

The fliest thing looking out of Gianni Versace
The diamond rings you could swear I'm related to Papi
T.O, lean back, get that dough

I stay on my humble, I came up in this jungle
Racing the chicks of Toronto
They clap for tweets we don't follow

Might just send you a holla
And tell you to hold that
I'm just letting you know that

Fly down here might not go back


Money, Cars, Clothes, that's my lifestyle
Ice keep me flows, that's my lifestyle
You can call it pimpin', but that's my lifestyle

More henny overflowed, that's my lifestyle
That's my lifestyle x4
Keep them [email protected]#( on they toes, that's my lifestyle (Bang, Bang)

That's my lifestyle x2

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]

I pull up, get out, (*##$es pull their tits out
I'm Chief Sosa, the %#@! now
I meant to say I'm rich now

I'm bout' what I pay now
I don't want for %#@! now
Either get hit or get down

Merk you, you can't snitch now
Chief Sosa from O-Block
300 on both blocks

On both blocks we tote Glocks
On both blocks we blow Glocks
On both blocks we kill Ops

Sad stories Soap Ops
You ain't no gangsta, 2Pac
Shoot you up like Oh No

Now I think I'm Ice Cube
One phone call a roll call
I'm coolin' on first street

In the field with my brogarts
And I think I'm Ice Cube
One phone call a roll call

I'm coolin' on first street
In the field with my brogarts


[Verse 3: Big Lean]

Degrees, we up in here
Swaggin' in my fur
Young baller like Corey on the bench

The money over there, right on the dresser
Told you I'll see you again baby there's no pressure
These rappers try hard just stay current, they can't keep up

No endurance
Ass fine, she suckin' while I'm starin'
A girl in the back, she can't stop starin'


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