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BIG L lyrics : "Flamboyant Pt. II"

(feat. Royal Flush)

[Verse 1:Royal Flush]

Yo we gon explain something right now
It's Royal Flush and Big L we gon let y'all know bout my ^!$$%z comin out
Queens most my doggs ... right

Yo check it
A Yo the way I feel for these ^!$$%z, I die for ^!$$%z

Queens most wanted @@#!in back and pull triggers
From Lex to Viggers, drug dealers slash rap diggas
From OB to QB my war rest in peace to bandit

Take a chance to this game of life
We bust of trife sold mad dick to your wife
Jack D with no ice from south side to the desert

We bustin pesserts and let my (*##$es hold my weapons
I'm world wide like my first jam, understand, Royal Flush has takin over LB

[Verse 2:Big L]
Yo it's Corleone and Queen's Most, we bust til your whole team ghost

Everywhere we go, we must bring toast forever
Popping the chrome, always dropping a poem
I can write it or recite it off the top of the dome

However you want it is how I'm gonna give it to you, Big L style
They brought it back to the streets cause that %#@! sell now
So pal back up a bit, give me elbow space

I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place
So I'm a lace the jewels up with nice brigettes
Flamboyent is the label that writes the checks

Y'all ^!$$%z better stop fronting cause I might get vexed
And I'm a run up on y'all and slice y'all necks
With the machette, pockets heavy, slang more cane than Eddie

I represent uno trece nueve
Time is money so I stay late, I'm quick to sign a playmate
Bust off like a tre-eight then vacate, uh

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