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BIG K.R.I.T. FT. SLIM THUG & LIL KEKE : Me & My Old School (Remix) lyrics

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BIG K.R.I.T. FT. SLIM THUG & LIL KEKE lyrics : "Me & My Old School (Remix)"

Ride, ride, ride clean
If you, if you ride old, ride slow

Candy, candy paint, slamming these doors
If you ride old, ride slow, ride old, ride slow
Ride old, ride slow, slamming, slamming these doors

[Verse 1]
I remember way back in the day
All I wanted was a candy car with hella flakes

Crushing hoes, slamming doors while the chassis shake
From the sub, work the juice, (*##$ I want the bass
Can't be turning on a dime cuz the rims scrape

Kill switches for them jackers outchea tryna take
That's my prized possession in recession kept me straight
Clear my mind then recline on the runway, from Monday to Sunday

Just me and my old school [repeat]
[Verse 2]

I got the old school right on his toes and slamming doors
Talking wood grain, mink on the flows and riding foes
Chopping low, tip by slow, that's how I go

Still a Texas boy sitting on foes and breaking hoes
The seats so sandy fine, all cash, fresh candy, homie branded wine
Hold it down, h town know to flip, feeling hood looking good

With them boys out the sip, just let it dip
Convertible, the burgundy red, it's peeled off
I'm more glass when I'm showing my $$# for dirty south

Don key, still og, just like the smoke fool
Riding 3 deep me and Krit, plus the old school
Just me and my old school [repeat]

I used to roll in my old school, listenin to slow grooves

Head leaning back, had me feeling like a mac
7 mills ? black, I used to think I was Goldy
I see you shining balls on, that's what my og's told me

And my old school so cool, roll like a new school
Escalate more to come got it riding like a soldier
Late nights blowing dojo, reminiscing bout the past

And how that I got everything I wish I used to could have
Just me and my old school [repeat]

See it ain't just a car, it ain't just a whip
It's a time machine, it's a spaceship, it's precious

You gotta take your time, you can't be rubbing on them curves
And hitting them potholes
You gotta ride clean and ride slow

Me and my old school

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