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BIG K.R.I.T. FT. RAPSODY & HEATHER VICTORIA lyrics : "Gettin Mine"

[Intro: Big KRIT]
Can't let it get in the way

Just to make a way
I'm getting' mine baby
Yeah, yeah?

I'm gettin' mine baby
I'm gettin' mine baby

[Hook: Heather Victoria]
Can't let nothin' get in the way
It's a hustle

Had to pay dues just to make a way
It's a struggle
I'm gettin' mine baby

Yeah, yeah
I'm gettin' mine baby
Yeah, yeah

And I'm getting' mine baby
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
Back one more 'gain ? life couldn't be better
%#@! changed, I Liu Kang, kick it wherever

Bottom feeders, never reach us, ties severed
Bird hoes come and go, I ruffle their feathers
Ever since I flew the coop I been %#@!tin' on ^!$$%s' stoops

Fast forward, Caddy doors, mother$#&@ a Subaru
Play ball or go home, I'm swinging' for the fence
As soon as I could pay my rent, I ain't been the same since

Breakfast: Ruth's Chris, lunch at Del Frisco's
Philippe's dinner, green prawns, damn I might get those
I'm poppin' like Crisco, windows came tinted

Now I'm ridin' somethin' foreign with the woodgrain in it
Word to Dutch, cobra clutch these bucks and never let go
These hoes suck and $#&@ like what! 'Cause I said so

Retro, more like Deadstock with my wordplay
My life's a vacay er'day


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
I just wanna ride clean with five screens
Digi-Dash, Adjust the mirror, flip the signal, then hit the gas

The road to riches, filled with detours that'll block my path
But I'm official, to my bone gristle, just check my tags
That candy paint was a mixture of hues

Don't be confused by the blues
That fade into purples and greens
Just know I'm doing my thing

Since way back, I had that, straight crack
Since I rapped on that 8-deck
And them hood ^!$$%s used to play that

Like he got potential
I heard that youngin, he sayin' something'
Don't fall victim to materialism, you know it's comin'

Just keep on jumpin', above the rim
And anybody that can't be happy that you dunkin'?
Don't $#&@ with them

I listened up, pressed my luck and hit it big
They figured Krizzle would fall off quicker than drawers on a stripper
But never figured this

That I'd remain unstained, still a king, remember the time
They could never block my shine
I'm live and in effect, ^!$$%


[Verse 3: Rapsody]
Night time blacks, really hard flow
Locked like white folks' car door

When you ride through the bad part of town slow
Jack you for your Acura
That's how the Hell I'mma act up

Put fear in they heart like Cassius
Claiborne isn't in fashion
Or what they study at NASA, nah'mean?
Choke you out like Death Row
Flow in turn is a balcony

Beg for life when I touch the mic
Rap and I'm gunnin' for all emcees
Autumn leaves and I change my rap
Flow for days, lap for lap
Secretary of Triple Crown

Flow, charisma, I'm lyrical
In turn the throne it awaits me now
If you await me now, got a big, big pound
I could dap up Shaq with a Triple Crown
Triple threat like Michael Crown

King and queen, no castle now
In the capital, North Railay
Feel it deep down in your body
Can't stop me like O'Dally, partner
Can't tear apart the grind

Like Northern Stars I shine
Success comes to me and you and those who think it in they minds
So shine?
So shine?
My ^!$$%?

[Outro: Heather Victoria]
Big KRIT, Heather V, come on
9th Wonder, y'all
Rapsody on the track, 'y'all
Jam the records, y'all
Come on, come on

This ain't no $#&@ed %#@!

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