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BIG HYPZ : Gamer for Life lyrics

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BIG HYPZ lyrics : "Gamer for Life"

im getting xp yeah you now its growing
making bare threads but i aint even sewing
every single lan , yeah u know im going

ima sweat cod like ery single day cos gamings my way

yeah i came in the game 2010 , started banging gbs thats where it began

now i sweat eues , a player for life
got bare gamer girls tryna be my wife but i tell em
i can be having no girl in this life

cos im scrimming all day ,play gbs all night
you call me sweaty , yeah alright , but dont talk upto me cos a gamer just might

i play for link gaming , ps3
if i said xbox wpould you view me differently
Consoles got divides , you better pick your side

the gaps got wide but I know it'll change with time

i got love for my xbox crew , im talking rel + goochy

but hold tight my ps3 ,cos i know you got me
euesports , my ends for life
try look down on us i might end your life hear that

fear that , i felt like going mad
missed out on top2 by a $#&@ing flag

3-3 in maps , stopwatch were on attack
They win by playing D , but ill get them back

That was egl5 , now its number 7
my guy galaxy holds top arkaden
my g frenzz , running kills

When i cap a flag , i swear i get the chills

when im feeling down hugz comes my way

best day of my life , call that loveday
i know team competitive always got my back
i love my ebuddies homeys and they love me back

cant forget man like ham , he bes hamming
and my main guy tim , santsbesanting

shoutout to wilz0 , for being a dick
got dropped from infensus for being a prick

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