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Big Ed : Get 'em lyrics

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Big Ed lyrics : "Get 'em"

$#&@ that ^!$$% man, get that (*##$
$#&@ that ^!$$% man, get that (*##$

$#&@ that ^!$$% man, get that (*##$
Get that (*##$, get that (*##$

[Big Ed:]
I'm in your face now ^!$$%, what you wanna do
I'll put these hands on you ^!$$%, and leave you black and blue

And ain't a chance on you ^!$$%, mother$#&@ your crew
Them ^!$$%z ain't gon want no part, to what I'm bout to do
It took a minute to find you, but now I got you I caught you

You's the ^!$$%z I been looking for, infrared dot you
Send this (*##$, to the doctor
If I thought you had a ounce of heart, (*##$ I'd pop you

^!$$%, you been barking up the wrong tree
Somebody should of told you, bout $#&@ing with me

Let em know the fire, your next of kin
Now this ^!$$%, wanna play shy and %#@!
Won't even look a ^!$$%, eye to eye and %#@!

So I put him in the blender, fixed that (*##$ a drank
Got a jaws washer, to give him time to $#&@ing think

[Hook x2]

[Big Ed:]
I got another ^!$$% in the club, macking a (*##$
This ^!$$% been hating, cause his hoe sucked my dick

This ^!$$% drove a Benz, and his pop's was rich
Square $$# ^!$$% always driving, through the hood and %#@!
Called my voicemail huh, and sait it was on

I guess my big dick, broke up his happy home
But uh, don't hat the player hate the game ^!$$%
As fine as she is, you would of done the same ^!$$%

He soft, he played like a kitten
I laughed to myself, and said oh no he didn't
So I tapped him on his shoulder, said what's happ'nin

He said what's up my ^!$$%, I said no (*##$ what's happening
He took a step back, and said dog it ain't like that
He jumped I jumped, then I layed him on his back

If you yap we scrap, ain't no escaping that
Ha, Big Ed be putting it down like that

[Hook x3]

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