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Big Boi : Lookin' 4 Ya (feat. Andre 3000, Sleepy Brown) lyrics

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Big Boi lyrics : "Lookin' 4 Ya (feat. Andre 3000, Sleepy Brown)"


[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]
Hey, just touched down, been gone for awhile
Tryna find you, where are you now? (I've been lookin for ya)

Come through, get you, ridin out, will do
Soon as I can find you (I've been lookin for...)
Hey, just touched down, been gone for awhile

Tryna find you, where are you now? (I've been lookin for ya)
Come through, get you, ridin out, will do
Soon as I can find you (I've been lookin for...)

[Big Boi]
Well, let me get you one to grow on

Me and you have been diggin each other now for so long
Like an archeologist, lookin for our bones
We used to do it to the slow songs

Then our hormones, would mix up from the sweat
'cause I feel it drip drop from my pecs to your chest
I send a text from the jet

Just to get you slippery, memories of you soakin wet
That's the only time I might slip
then I slide between them thighs, she keeps it tight-lipped

Like a vice grip, it's so private
Mum's the word 'less I'm knee-deep inside it
(Three's Company,) not crowded

I get, cake, eat it too, and apple pie slices
with the ice cream, icing .. la mode
She inspires and excites me, now you knoooooow


[Andre 3000]
On some cool %#@!...
Well, here's a revolutionary idea: Why don't we both stay home

and if the doorbell goes ding dong, we can act like we not here?
Put them house coats on, and take them right back off
As a result, like we work at Ikea

Test every piece of furniture to see if it is stable
You wanna take it out on me, then do it on the table
MMM! Blow to the head, it's fatal

WHOO! Wait'll, you get a load of me
Ain't (Jokin'), Dark Knight, Batman
And I'm pokin that #[email protected], (Cat Woman)

Pokeman , baby gon' push it back on me
Hopin that, maybe you'll wake up in the morning and forget about it all
I hate to see you sad, so if anybody call

Tell 'em that you'll let 'em know
When we fall back to earth, go beserk, ba-by

[Bridge: Sleepy Brown]
I've been lookin for... Come on in
I've been lookin for you, baby where you been? (Where you been?)

No more wastin time, let's gon' and get it in (get it in)
Let's get it in (get it in)
And I won't stop, don't stop, 'til I make that leg drop (WHOO!)

[Big Boi]
Yeah, they wanna follow in my footsteps

But I'ma go somethin like the Boogeyman, never forget that
You musta fell down and bumped your cranium
Been movin crowds, rock clubs and stadiums

Baby I'm, one of the best you'll ever meet
The, greatest show on Earth, B-I-G
And I'ma make 'em 'member me, I stay colder than December be

Mr. Freeze, only want to see her on her knees
Thro' pregnancies, are at a all time high
Keep it sci-fi, wi-fi

Always connected to muchacha, watch out boi!
The time flies by as the Cadillac glides
The Return of the Jedi, ^!$$%z know bedda

Antwan and Andre, togeth-da
Dungeon Family for the dubya-I-N
like Khaled, (All We Do is Win), win, win, win, win, win, win...


[Andre 3000]
I-I-I be, on it, in and, out it, in and, out it

In and out it, in and out it, went about it
like I owned it, dog it, gone it, dog and pony show
Said my name repeatedly, repeated me
like Tony! Toni! Tone! Toni! Tony!
I know, I know, I know I said two too many Tonys'

I go, I go, I go, I'm not usually a mornin, person
But certain skirt sin makes me
Pull back the curtain and let the sun burst in
She searchin for her Ken, Barbie
Her skin makes my Berlin Wall fall down to the ground, now touch.. heartly

A one night stand, number on nightstand
She ain't gon' never leave me hangin like a ol' white man
But she don't understand that I'm a fan of Steely Dan
And she like everything that's on the radio and I demand she change it
(Cha-cha-change it, cha-ch-chan-change it)

(Cha-cha-change it, cha-ch-chan-change it)
(Cha-cha-change it, cha-ch-chan-change it)
(Cha-cha-change it, cha-ch-chan...)

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