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Big Boi : Follow us lyrics

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Big Boi lyrics : "Follow us"

[Big Boi]
With one stroke of the pen I tune in to your satellite radio
or FM station; I've been patiently waitin, to weigh in

Been under construction for two years
But now it's 'bout that time I double-dutch my way in
Left foot, right foot, steppin over biters

It's like the game is haunted cause there's so many ghostwriters
Me, see I'm a lifer with supply that may seem endless
Straight rider like a biker on a chopper with a hitlist

Witness, the ^!$$% that spit that vicious
Pitbull attack %#@! when it comes to this rap %#@!
... Daddy Fat Sax ((*##$) follow us

[Chorus 2X: Neil Garrard]
Follow us, now

Try to all the way, now
It's not another let, down
Got somethin to say, right now

[Big Boi]
I know some of y'all done wrote a ^!$$% off

Like the leases on these cars and these homes you ^!$$%z thought
you stayed in, with so many bosses why are they still
layin ^!$$%z off they job? ^!$$% for real

Gon' give a ^!$$% a gig then
Help a brother get up out this pigpen
But nobody wants to keep it pimpin or 110

So with this pen I begin to illustrate from within, boy (boy)

[Neil Garrard]

Paint a pretty picture like I'm chillin with my friends
Everybody's got a pocket full of ends to spend

[Big Boi]
See Picasso couldn't blend, put it all together or fit in
I'm like a crocodile walkin 'round with alligator skin

Yes I'm is, the product of the ghetto where I lived
Call me Spongebob boy (boy) soaked up game as a little bitty kid
And never been a lame, before the fame I was the %#@!

And now I'm just Big, ya dig?


[Neil Garrard]
Why don't you come and find out

What this is all, about
I, will only say this once
So, come and follow us

[Big Boi]
See we not even gonna play with 'em either

We gon' la-la-lay it down every f**kin time we see 'em
Make the club get crunk, yea, we them type of people
But wait, it's not a sequel, no wait, it's BB's prequel

The beginnin before the beginnin, spend it how you spend it
Then, if you sell dope ^!$$% stack it when you get it
Can't trick it, or spend it until it's gone

That's slippery business holmes, gon' get you a business loan


[Outro: Big Rube]

Now I lay you ^!$$%z down
You already sleep so (*##$ rest in eternal peace
You still scared of the Boogeyman?

I know you hatin but you know you was a 'Kast and a Goodie fan
Ain't no night light, it's light's out
I put these lyrics up your $$# so far you never get the mic out

I know who you wanna sound like
With that Fruity Loop bull%#@!, f**k ^!$$% night-night

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