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BETWEEN THE TREES lyrics : "Darlin'"

This call is meant to be brief
a simple hello ending with goodbye
Then you say hello

now, I am melting
and now my goodbye
becomes a goodnight

I don't mind if you don't mind
please say you do not mind if this call
goes on all night

cause I have more to say
my afternoon was O.K.
my evening was fine but this night

I want it to be the best night
of our lives

Sweet Darling
this is my confession to
the crimes of wanting you badly

And Darlin' if you're wondering
here's your answer
yes I like you

I don't love you
I can't love you

These calls are getting longer
and these nights go on

and on and on forever
I do believe I'm getting better
knowing you

hopefully all of you
Sitting watching movies
we both know I do not watch a bit of it

cause I am much to busy
leaving my hand close enough
so you'll hold it

And I can not stop thinking about you
I can not stop wondering

if you're constantly
thinking about me
Don't close your eyes dear I'm still staring

I won't lie dear I'm still breathing
even though your beauty is breath taking

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa