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BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE SEA lyrics : "Departures"

is it sad that I felt more alive, when I almost died?
and I could say that everything is alright
but that's the saddest lie

they took you away
now we're next to a grave and a tombstone
that should say my name

that should be my resting place
and it's such a shame, at such a early age
and I just can't bear this pain

and we try to make life's hourglass last,
but it ran out of sand too damn fast.

and now all we can do is the past memories of you
and try to remember the good.
but it hurts to bad, to think about the best times we've had

and things we shouldn't have said
but we can't,
we can't take it back.

we can't,
we can't bring you back.
we can't bring you back.

but she was only sleeping,
I swear she was only sleeping.

it's such a mystery to me and we don't know why
but now all we can do is try to ask our lord, "why?"
but at least,

it was a peaceful departure.

and I remember summertime, and I remember your smile

and I remember the last words, that I said to you.
I didn't say a damn thing.

But at least,
I was the last thing you saw.
but I didn't know that that day you were here

I didn't know that would be the last time you breathed
but we can't take it back now
standing next to your grave

in the wet soil and the casket's closed and this cemetaries quiet
and the words the pastor said left chills in my bones

we're fragile and cold

we need you

and if you can hear this song
it's for you.
and I hope you're singing along.

but at least, it was a peaceful departure.

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