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Betty Swan : Make Me Yours lyrics

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Betty Swan lyrics : "Make Me Yours"

I never had a love to call my own
I was about to give up
And then you came along

Just to have your tender ways
Thrills me for days and days
I don't care what nobody says

I want you for always

You already come and took my heart and my soul

Now I want you to take full control
Yeah, I need the love that only you can give
If I can't have it, I don't want to live, no,

I never had a love so sweet
I never thought I'd be lucky enough to meet
A guy with all your charms

To hold me with loving arms
Make me feel secure and warm
Cause my heart to run

Now that I've found you
I wanna stay around you

So make me yours, make me yours

Ooh, now that I've found you

I wanna stay around you
So make me yours, make me yours

Take me baby, make what you want me to be
So whatever you need you can always find in me
Love me baby and keep me by your side

Wherever you go I'll go and be satisfied
All of my friends say, "Girl, don't"
But I know what I need

And I know what I want
I wanna be yours
You're the only one

And I will give you happiness in return
Because what you need, baby I've got it
What you've got, I'm just crazy about it

If you're looking for a love that you'll never get tired of
Make me yours, make me yours

Make me yours, make me yours,
Not just for a little while but forever, my darling

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