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BETRAYING THE MARTYRS : The Covenant lyrics

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BETRAYING THE MARTYRS lyrics : "The Covenant"

The Lord appeared to Abram
Under the tree of Mamree
Do not be afraid, I'm your shield.

"O sovereign Lord"
You have given me no children

Until my corpse and my name will be forgotten

Lord, my reward is just my estate

If indeed you, you can count them and my son will be the servant from my household.
Beneath the sky through the eyes of the slaves.

When no one cared for us, only your hands could protect our dreams.
My descendants will be enslaved by your fault.
As the light fades, darkness comes over him

However let your father go in peace.
Near the river God protects your offspring.
There are no tears in this nation.

[Guitar Solo: Fab]

When the sun has set and my prayers are burning
A smoking and blazing torch appears, passed between the pieces.

As the lights burn in the sky,
A star, A child
When the sun had set and died,

You prayed for this night.

The Lord appeared to Abram,

Under the tree of Mamree
Do not be afraid I'm your shield

"O sovereign Lord",
You have given me no children
"O sovereign Lord"

Until my name be forgotten
Beneath the sky
There are no tears in this nation

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