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Betrayed : Time Won't Wait lyrics

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Betrayed lyrics : "Time Won't Wait"

Time won't wait!

It's so hard to see which path to take

Confusion, confusion, what is this all about?
The lives we lead are so full of doubt
What it takes, is finding focus in your life

Not letting indecision cloud your sight
Because time is short and life wont wait

Time, how does it move so fast
It slips through my hands

I focus on what lays ahead, I blink my eyes and then it's past
I try to give my best and make the most out of each day
Because I know time won't wait

Time just won't wait

I see you standing in the crowd

You think that you don't feel the strain
Your stance is hard but you're so afraid
What it takes, is placing faith in yourself

Because you're cought in indescision man
And now's the time to find your path

[2x chorus]

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