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BETRAYAL : Escaping The Alter lyrics

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BETRAYAL lyrics : "Escaping The Alter"

Once upon a time there was a modern fair maiden
With a lifetime that looked ever bright
Last of pure and innocence was her guard

Yet she's open for attack

But wanting excitment she sought

To fulfill a desire deep inside
Now comes a decision for love and forgiveness
She said, "I don't need this foolish Christ!"

Instead it was time for a dive into life
To see how far she could go

Throwing away her freedom
She's looking for her chains

With a heart turned hard, back to a way
That could save her life
She ventures out in a curious fashion

With no caution or fear
To see what she could find

Huh? What kind of story is this?

Recriter with crafty evil

Looking for their prey
There's an evening of high evil approaching
Thieves of lost and lonely children

Sbatching lives for deadly gain

Feeling secure

In a crowd that gives you welcome
Friends who you know
But you don't know

She loves their mysterious ways and the presence
They bring to her life

But what she doesn't know
She'll prove curiosity killed the cat

"Sure I believe in Satan"
She exclaims with unstable thought
She goes through a door

And can't get back through
Now the test

The night came
When unspoken wickedness became reality
Before me they showed

Their truest evil and every form of lust, perversion and blasphemy

With hunger for more

I scream, "I can't get involved in this!"
They smiled, "you're already in
And soon you'll be the main event!"

The night has come, ceremonial alter
Waiting to be painted with the blood of the weak

Black robes surrounding the sacrifice
To be slain in white
Her body and blood brings them power

They hunger for the feast

I can't express the horrors

And sadness of this place
As hell itself is visiting
Through a five pointed star

I hear chanting sung by demons
And a choir of despairing void

As they prepare ceremonial alter
For their lord Satan

I'm running for my life

A despairing victim with no escape

I caught and returned to the alter of death

My face to the black sky
Winds begin to stir
I lie a wait for my fateful death

There's a dark one now I can see
Waiting to take me down

I realize the life I could've had
With the God of love and power

But I turned and spat on his face
And sought a foolish desire

There's no winner in the game they play
The killer and the prey

Will burn in torment
Screaming and pleading I beg for life
Then I stop and only cry

The draw and encircle

About me for the time has finally come
Oh Lord, please God help me
The dagger's coming down!

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