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BETHZAIDA : Sumerian Rebirth lyrics

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BETHZAIDA lyrics : "Sumerian Rebirth"

To be lost in endless mazes
with no thread to lead me home
As violent waves of doubt embrace me

(but for them I'm all alone)
All mysteries I thought I knew
Now wondering about life and death

As clouds of thunder gather above me
Layer by layer, my soul: Undress!

What can we hope to feed the gods with
when we do not understand
Their need for something far beyond

what ever came from hands of man ?
And still we say our prayers begging
to be heard in our plea

But they have more important tasks
to do than grant the wish of me

At night's dawn the darkness rising
Slowly eats the light away
And dreams of forces from beyond

that lives in veils of fright will prey
On minds of sane that never wished
to be entombed in madness' breath

As they begin their slow descent
at last devoured in dreams of death...

Walked this endless labyrinth of chaos and of pain
Filled with ancient artifacts of times far away
Sorrow fills my soul, for a moment to behold

The divinity of nothingness the truth at last unfolds...

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